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Do you want to go from Tech Professional to

Elevate your career by joining Atria University's Centre of Excellence in AI & Decentralised Technologies (ACAD) where academic rigour meets industry innovation as we drive digital transformation forward.

Engage in groundbreaking research that leverages satellite imagery, eDNA, and Large Language Models to revolutionise environmental monitoring, renewable energy, and biodiversity conservation.

Become part of an elite community of academic and industry veterans dedicated to pioneering solutions with global impact. Collaborate with leading experts and like-minded peers who are passionate about making a difference.

Shape the future of technology with the

Atria Centre of Excellence in AI & Decentralised Technologies (ACAD).

Our Programmes

Our programmes are designed for those who aspire to tackle the biggest questions in technology and environmental conservation. We seek entrepreneurial students eager to innovate and leave a lasting mark.

Bachelor’s in Digital Transformation

Duration: 4 years
Harness the power of technology to drive innovation and reshape the future of businesses and industries

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MS (by Research) in Digital Transformation

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Receive stipend of Rs. 19,000 per month
  • Free accommodation and boarding
  • Admission fee Rs. 25,000

PhD in Digital

  • Duration: 3-5 years
  • Receive stipend of Rs. 38,000 per month
  • Free accommodation and boarding
  • Admission fee Rs. 36,000

What You’ll Work On

Spearhead future technologies through projects run by the Centre of Excellence in AI & Decentralised Technologies (ACAD).

Applications of AI for satellite and drone images

Fine tuning and extending Large Language Models for specific domains.

Combining Machine Learning techniques like prediction, forecasting with foundation models

Building planet scale platforms using Digital Public Infrastructure (e.g. India Stack).

Decentralised software architectures for sustainability and climate change

Blockchain based solutions for Green Credits and Biodiversity conservation.

Smart Contracts based solutions for conservation and funding of Natural Capital

Earn While You Learn @ AU

Industry-adjacent Research

Engage in cutting-edge research and projects in coordination with industry partners

Startup with the CoE

Get an opportunity to incubate your startup with us.

Monetize Your Research

Commercialise your research and earn beyond your stipend.

Eligibility Criteria

Postgraduate Programmes

Eligibility Criteria

Excellence in academics at the Bachelors / Masters level in Computer Science or related field Hands-on experience in building real world, scalable software solutions. Passion for innovation ( e.g. patents, publications, open-source contributions) Strong communication skills (e.g. talks,teaching experience) Ability to work independently (e.g. team-lead roles, passion projects)

Undergraduate Programmes

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Shape Your Future With Us.

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Led by Experts in Industry & Academia

Join our elite team of researchers, academicians, startup founders and industry professionals.

Dr. Praphul Chandra

Professor & Director, Atria Centre of Excellence

in AI & Decentralised Technologies

Dr. Praphul Chandra is a distinguished figure in academia, industry, and startups, with extensive expertise in Machine Learning, AI, and Blockchain. With over 25 years of experience in R&D, Dr. Chandra holds a PhD in Game Theory & Mechanism Design from the Indian Institute of Science, along with an MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a B.Tech in Electronics Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi.

His professional journey includes roles such as Founder CEO at Koinearth, Professor of Machine Learning at uGDX, and Senior Research Scientist at Hewlett Packard. Dr. Chandra boasts a remarkable portfolio, including over 36 publications, 4 book chapters, 2 authored books, and numerous keynote speeches delivered at industry forums.
He currently serves as Accenture Luminary and as a member of the Board of Studies at M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Science.

With his extensive expertise spanning academia, industry, and startups, Dr. Chandra is spearheading innovative research, skill development, and industry collaboration initiatives, driving Atria University to the forefront of AI innovation and application.

Mr. Dinker G Mattam

Professor of Practice, Atria University

Mr. Dinker G Mattam, is a seasoned professional who has worked at the intersection of Machine Learning and Finance including investment banking, and private equity. In his most recent avatar, he was the founder and CEO of Volsquare Algos, a cutting-edge startup that built deep learning models to forecast highly stochastic variables in capital markets.

Mr. Dinker’s past roles have included Expert Data Scientist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Advisor, Data Sciences at DXC Technology, and Vice President, Quantitative Analytics at Decimal Point Analytics.

With over 13 years of expertise in entrepreneurship, finance, and technology. Dinker holds a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, a MBA and CFA charter from the CFA Institute, USA. He has received the Wilmott Prize for Excellence from the CQF Institute, London, for his proficiency in quantitative finance and machine learning.

As a professor-of-practice at Atria University, Mr. Dinker brings a wealth of real-world expertise in data science and finance, empowering students to tackle complex challenges, giving them a distinct competitive edge to emerge as changemakers, and lead in the dynamic realms of business and technology.

Dr. H S Prashantha

Professor - Computer Science, Atria University

Dr. H S Prashantha is a distinguished figure in academia and research with expertise in Signal and Image Processing, Remote Sensing and AI & Machine Learning. He holds an advanced certification in Data Science and AI from IIT Madras, a PhD in Signal Processing algorithms from Anna University Chennai, and a BE and MTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Prashantha has mentored over 180 UG, PG and PhD students.

He has served in India’s most esteemed institutes and universities, including PES Institute of Technology, UVCE Bangalore and Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, contributing as a Doctoral Committee Member and participating in various academic councils and committees and he holds distinguished memberships in the IEEE Signal Processing Society, IEEE Sensor council, and IEEE-CEDA.

Dr. Prashantha’s portfolio boasts 20+ conference proceedings publications, 70+ journal publications, 15 book chapters, and 7 patents. He's served as an expert in CoEs like CORI (PES), ISRO's Student Satellite Design Center, and NMIT's Robotics Center. Dr. Prashantha has also received the Distinguished Professor Higher Education Award for 2022-23 (GRF Awards) and the Outstanding Scientist Award in 2021 for Engineering, Science, and Medicine.

As a veteran in research and academia, Dr. Prashantha is actively nurturing the young minds of Atria University to become innovators in the world of AI.

Mr. Shubham Bajpai

Assistant Professor - Digital Transformation

Mr. Shubham Bajpai brings a rich background in electronics and computer science, complemented by a master's degree in automation and robotics. With a career spanning multiple organisations, he has made significant contributions to various research domains.

At Fraunhofer IML, Mr. Bajpai played a pivotal role in the AI and Autonomous Systems department. His work focused on robotics simulation, employing machine learning techniques to achieve balance for a two-wheeled robot. Prior to this, he collaborated with research teams in natural language processing, big data analytics, and robotics.

Currently, Mr. Bajpai's research interests centre around robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. His diverse skill set and experience underscore his dedication to advancing cutting-edge technologies in these fields.

Ms. Vibhavari R

Assistant Professor - Digital Transformation

Ms. Vibhavari R is an adept educator with two years of teaching experience and a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Computing from Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Her academic journey has been marked by a focus on interdisciplinary areas, including the exploration of fractals and the development of encryption systems linked to matrices associated with semigraphs. Notably, she holds a keen interest in graph theory and cryptography.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Vibhavari is a multifaceted individual, proficient in classical dance and singing. Her diverse talents extend beyond the realm of mathematics and education, showcasing a well-rounded personality and a commitment to both intellectual and artistic pursuits.

Ms. Nithya Satish

Associate Software Engineer

Ms. Nithya Satish is a tech enthusiast with a Master's in Computer Applications (MCA) and a Bachelor's in Computer Applications (BCA). Her passion for technology spans several areas including Web Development, Internet of Things (IoT), Frontend Development, and Game Development. She is known for her ability to engage with cutting-edge technologies and contribute significantly to the field. She has authored a paper on the topic "Intelligent Dual-axis Solar Power Tracking System".

In addition to her academic and professional endeavours, Ms. Nithya is actively involved in creative activities, such as painting and crafting handmade artefacts. This diverse range of interests underscores her dedication to continuous learning and personal growth.

Knowledge Delivery Curriculum

Al for CXOs

This curated 1-day workshop for CXOs offers a deep dive into the historical evolution of Al, the intricacies of Generative Al and Large Language Models, and the art of prompt engineering. Participants will gain insights into leveraging Al for organizational innovation and will be equipped to craft an effective Al adoption roadmap, enhancing their strategic decision-making in the Al landscape.

Al for Tech Leaders

This 5-day intensive workshop is tailored for senior tech professionals aiming to master Al and Machine Learning. This immersive program, led by university experts, melds historical insights and modern breakthroughs, providing a comprehensive foundation in Al/ML from core learning techniques to neural networks, and from Foundation Models to operational deployment. Each day combines theoretical learning with hands-on sessions, empowering. participants to navigate and implement Al innovations effectively in their organizations.

Al&ML for Students

Our project-based learning program is designed to propel university students into the forefront of technologicall innovation. Each 15-day sprint in our comprehensive. curriculum offers a deep dive into Al/ML topics, blending discussion-led lectures, curated readings, hands-on labs, and collaborative projects, enabling students to tailor their learning journey according to their interests and ambitions.


A Symposium on Biogeography, Genetic Legacy, & Species Interaction


A Symposium on Biogeography,
Genetic Legacy,
& Species

11th May

9:15 am to
4:15 pm

Radisson Blu Atria, Bengaluru

Explore the rich tapestry of biodiversity in India at this dynamic one-day symposium, featuring a series of enlightening talks by faculty from Indian Institute of Science, National Center for Biological Sciences & Atria University. This event will delve into various pivotal aspects of biodiversity, including geographic distribution, the profound impacts of climate change, innovative uses of environmental DNA (eDNA), and the interconnections with agriculture.

Engage with experts as they share their latest research and insights on the complexities of species interactions and the genetic legacies shaping the present and future of biogeography in India. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or an emerging scholar, this symposium promises a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities.


Dr. Raman Sukumar
Honorary Professor, Indian Institute of Science (IISC)

Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan
Professor, National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)

Dr. Saskya Van Nouhuys
Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science (IISC)

Dr. Kartik Shanker
Professor, Indian Institute of Science (IISC)

Dr. Praphul Chandra
Professor, Atria University

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For further information, email us at ai@atriauniversity.edu.in or call +91 8792965219

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