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    Importance of a Placement Cell While Choosing a University: Gearing Up For the Future

    Let’s talk about placements and being industry-ready.

    According to the All India Survey on Higher Education, India had 993 universities and 39,931 colleges in 2019. The total enrolment was around 37.4 million. That’s a lot of graduates.

    The Indian education space is getting more advanced with each passing year. It is growing at a never-before pace. Jobs are opening up at a similar speed but to this day, there is a gap between the number of graduates and employment rates because many graduates are simply not industry-ready.

    Progressive universities understand that this challenge can’t be fixed overnight. That is why they are looking to provide placement solutions with year-round support that extends to all students, even those still pursuing their degrees. This is helping students prepare for the professional world by staying informed about industry changes via internships and mentorship.

    Every student must consider campus placements and support when choosing a university. Here’s why.


    Graduation is just one aspect of the big picture. To successfully find a career path and work towards it, the nurturing has to begin during the college years. Nurturing isn’t just about inviting companies to campus during the final semesters. It is about preparing students for the real world. This helps them get an edge over the massive competition they face today.

    It is interesting to note here that in 2019, 47% of Indian engineering graduates were deemed “unemployable” by an Indian Skills Report 2019. The percentage is an upward, worrying trend, considering in 2017 this statistic was 20%. We strongly believe that this number can improve if universities expand placement support to include career mentoring, counseling, and on-ground assistance through internships, industry interactions, among other things.

    As mentioned, many universities speak about placements but only a few go to the extent of offering a 360-degree support system. These are the universities that students must prioritize so that their education and career goals are aligned perfectly. Here’s what can help students become industry-ready:

    • Training and guidance so that they are aware of the expectations of employers
    • Learning how to tackle interviews successfully
    • Interacting with HRs and industry leaders and gaining insights directly from experts
    • Creating the “perfect” resumé
    • Getting guidance from college seniors
    • Getting real-time work experience even before getting a job


    At Atria University, we see placements differently. We seek customized project opportunities for our students during their undergraduate degree. This ensures that they gain work experience while they study, get mentorship and guidance from industry experts. This often leads to finding desired jobs in preferred companies when they graduate. Through Xcelerator, our unique learning platform, our students have access to customized training and learning pathways, best-suited to their skills. The platform is a mega-resource of over 1000 (and growing) national and international companies for potential placements across 40 industries.

    Students at Atria University complete 9 months of internship during 4 years of undergraduate study. During this time, they work on over 30 real-world projects. These strategic internships further help students build important connections with industry leaders. Networking, as we know is a crucial aspect of job search, and these connections go a long way in advancing our students’ careers.

    At Atria University, we are continually working towards providing a holistic learning experience that extends beyond the classroom and degree into the real-world. In the past 10 years, our platform has successfully secured the future of over 10,000 students. Combined with our unique learning methodologies, our placement ecosystem hopes to see an exponential increase in those placement numbers.

    Atria Admissions Team

    March 7, 2020

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