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Atria University Interspecies Conclave

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Every day, 150 species cease to exist, simply because their contributions have no monetary worth in our eyes.

The looming threat of mass extinction demands an inclusive and empathetic approach to sustainability. No more band-aid solutions.

We need to transform our approach to conservation, provide a voice to all our flora and fauna and elevate them as critical participants in the interconnected web of existence.

Come imagine a different path with us.

Introducing The Interspecies Money Movement!

Pioneered by Jonathan Ledgard, this groundbreaking movement aims to empower non-human life forms by prioritising vital funds and resources based on their preferences, making them essential stakeholders in preserving life’s continuity.

India is just 2% of the world’s land mass, but is home to 8% of the world’s biodiversity so it’s only fitting that the biodiversity conservation revolution should start from here.

Atria University, in collaboration withSwissnex and FKCCI, is striving to preserve biodiverse spaces worldwide. Our integrated approach combines on-ground efforts with cutting-edge technology platforms, uniting us as a global force rather than disjointed local efforts.

Join us in fighting the good fight and safeguard our natural wonders for generations to come.

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Atria Admissions Team

July 25, 2023

Green Hydrogen in India

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