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We are amidst an unprecedented global energy transition.

Climate change is the biggest existential crisis humanity has faced. Caused primarily due to the energy needs of industry and transportation, it's clear that the status quo is unsustainable.

But amidst the chaos, a new energy landscape is emerging—one powered by clean technologies like energy storage, improving energy efficiency, and electric vehicles.

The message is clear: the transition to clean energy is not a matter of 'if,' but 'how soon.'

Atria University is at the forefront of this energy revolution.

Our Centre of Excellence in Energy Sciences and e-Mobility is leading the charge, driven by a futuristic vision to tackle society's most pressing issues - decentralization, decarbonization, and digitalization to achieve access to clean energy for everyone, starting with energy.

Decentralized energy technologies &

India stands as a powerhouse in the global energy arena, having witnessed a doubling of energy consumption since 2000, driven by a burgeoning population and rapid economic expansion. As we continue to industrialise and urbanise, the strain on its energy sector and policymakers intensifies. Despite strides in rural LPG coverage, a staggering 660 million Indians still lack access to modern, clean cooking fuels or technologies. This glaring disparity underscores the urgent need for transformative solutions.

Decentralised technologies emerge as the linchpin to India's energy woes, offering a scalable and sustainable remedy.
Our long-term vision is to foster self-sufficiency in every Indian village by building an ‘Energy Stack’. By ensuring each village possesses its own comprehensive energy infrastructure — various electricity generation alternatives, energy storage, heat utilization, e-mobility solutions, and digital transaction mechanisms - we will pave the way for a brighter, more resilient, and and put power in the hands of the people.

The time for action is now. Join us in shaping a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

What’s Energy

Elevate yourself to become an expert, leader and change maker in the world of energy sciences.

Earn your Master’s or PhD while conducting groundbreaking research and entrepreneurship in the following areas:

Are you passionate about shaping the future of energy?

Join our vibrant community of researchers and innovators.

We want graduate students who are entrepreneurs at heart - get incubated with us as you get your PhD! Commercialize your research and earn far beyond your stipend!

We offer PhD and Master's programs tailored for individuals with a background in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences, or related fields.

Our Postgraduate Programmes

MS (by Research) in Energy Sciences

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Receive stipend of Rs. 19,000 per month
  • Free accommodation and boarding
  • Admission fee Rs. 25,000

PhD in Energy Sciences

  • Duration: 3-5 years
  • Receive stipend of Rs. 38,000 per month
  • Free accommodation and boarding
  • Admission fee Rs. 36,000
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Our Projects

Work on diverse, cutting edge projects across the energy landscape:

Modeling of Soiling & Shading

Utilizing residential rooftop solar data to optimize solar energy generation.

Energy Storage Optimization

Forecasting energy storage utilization for round-the-clock applications with wind/solar energy sources.

Small Wind Turbines Design

Designing small-scale wind turbines and hybrid applications for sustainable power generation.

Optics and Data-driven Strategies

Identifying hotspots in connected solar panels using optics and data analytics.

High Power EV Charging

Developing alternative electronics topologies for efficient high-power EV charging.

Magnet-free Motors Integration

Integrating magnet-free motors for electric vehicles and other applications.

Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Designing waste heat recovery systems integrated with low-grade heat applications.

Unified Energy Interface (UEI)

Applications and refinement of the Unified Energy Interface for seamless energy transactions.

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Industry-adjacent Research

Engage in cutting-edge research and projects in coordination with industry partners

Startup with the CoE

Get an opportunity to incubate your startup with us.

Monetize Your Research

Commercialise your research and earn beyond your stipend.

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Led by Experts in Industry & Academia

Join our elite team of researchers, academicians, startup founders and industry professionals.

Prof. Sagar Mitra

Professor, IIT Bombay

Member of Advisory Board, Atria University

Professor Sagar Mitra is a distinguished figure in the field of Energy Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. With a Ph.D. in Solid State Electrochemistry from IISc Bangalore, Professor Mitra has amassed a wealth of expertise and accolades throughout his academic journey.

Following his doctoral studies, he embarked on impactful postdoctoral research in France before assuming the role of Principal Electrochemist at Replisaurus Technologies, Sweden. Notably, Professor Mitra was honoured with the prestigious Swedish award for "Expert in Electrochemistry for Electronic Industry" in 2006.
As a member of Atria University’s Advisory Board and the head of the battery research team at IIT Bombay's National Centre for Solar Photovoltaic Research and Education and member of the Board of Directors of Epsilon Advanced Materials, Professor Mitra continues to drive advancements in energy storage technologies, particularly in lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries, making significant contributions to the realm of renewable energy solutions.

Mr. Abhishek Padmanabhan

Director, Centre of Excellence in Energy Sciences

Abhishek Padmanabhan brings cutting edge industry experience from the distributed energy space into academia. An alumnus of electrical engineering from IIT Bombay and Cornell University, he has worked in the intersection of technology, data and policy in the US, Canada and India.

He previously led technology for Fenice Energy (SunEdison), a pioneering rooftop solar company in India, where he pushed the boundaries of technological innovation in this sector. His team delivered paradigm altering solutions to make rooftop solar installations easier, faster and safer - including inverters, batteries, structural solutions and software.

As the Director of Atria University's newly established Center of Excellence (CoE) in Energy Sciences, Mr. Padmanabhan is dedicated to guiding innovative research and providing students with hands-on experiences and real-world applications in the energy domain. With a passion for fostering academic excellence and driving positive change, Mr. Padmanabhan is committed to equipping the next generation of leaders with the skills and expertise needed to address the complex challenges and opportunities in Energy Sciences.

Dr. Pushpendra Singh

Program Director and Professor-Energy Sciences, Atria University

Dr. Pushpendra Singh, currently serving as Program Director and Professor of Energy Sciences at Atria University Bengaluru, boasts over 19 years of extensive teaching, research, and administrative experience, holding a Master of Technology and Doctorate from Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) Jaipur.

Dr. Singh made significant contributions at esteemed institutions such as JK Lakshmipat University Jaipur, Sunrise Group of Institutions Udaipur, and JECRC Jaipur, where he held various administrative roles including Principal and Head of Department. Throughout his career, Dr. Singh has made remarkable scholarly achievements, with 98 research papers published in esteemed international journals and conferences, along with numerous media articles. His intellectual property portfolio includes 13 granted patents, 7 published patents, and 5 copyright grants. Additionally, he has supervised the successful completion of PhD degrees for two candidates, with two more thesis submissions under his guidance.

Dr. Sheikh Suhail Mohammad

Assistant Professor - Energy Sciences

Dr. Sheikh Suhail Mohammad is a distinguished senior microgrid researcher and consultant, boasting a wealth of experience exceeding 7 years in microgrid research, design, and analysis. With a Ph.D. in microgrids from the National Institute of Technology Srinagar, Dr. Sheikh Suhail's academic background includes a Master's degree in Power Systems and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering. His academic achievements include the 'Silver Medal' and "Best in Technical Innovation" awards during the Master's program and a distinction in the Bachelor's degree. . In addition, Sheikh Suhail secured the PhD Ministry of Education (MOE) Fellowship, Government of India, and the Student Energy Fellowship-2023, Student Energy-Canada.

Ms. Christina Sundari

Assistant Professor - eMobility

Ms. Christina Sundari is a dedicated professional with a profound background in power electronics, holding a Master's degree in Technology (M.Tech) with a specialization in power electronics. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in grid integration, she showcases a commitment to delving deeper into the intricate complexities of power systems.

With an impressive academic journey spanning 14 years, Christina has accumulated a wealth of experience that reflects her academic prowess and commitment to excellence. Her passion lies in power electronics research for electric vehicles (EVs), a dynamic and rapidly evolving area that plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable transportation. By combining her academic acumen with genuine enthusiasm, Christina is contributing to addressing the challenges associated with EV power systems.

Dr. Canute Sherwin

Assistant Professor - eMobility

Dr. Canute Sherwin brings over 11 years of extensive teaching experience across Design, Thermal, Manufacturing, and Material Science domains. His academic journey culminated in a Ph.D. from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, in 2023, with a focus on Metal Coatings through Electrodeposition Technique.

Dr. Sherwin's contributions extend beyond the classroom, with 14 international publications to his name. His expertise is further exemplified through his involvement in funded projects, specifically in the development of Mechatronic Systems and Green Hydrogen Generation.

An active member of esteemed organizations such as the Institute of Engineers and the American Chemical Society, Dr. Canute Sherwin combines a wealth of teaching experience with a commitment to cutting-edge research in the realms of technology and materials science.

Eligibility Criteria

PhD Programme

  1. Candidates for our PhD Programme should possess:
  2. Bachelor's/Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Sciences, Chemical Engineering. Material Sciences or any relevant degrees from reputed academic institutions.
  3. Contribution to R&D in the energy and/or mobility sector.
  4. Track record of original research, patents, papers, or similar credentials.
  5. Experience with relevant equipment or software tools.
  6. Teaching experience is a plus.

Master's Programme

  1. Candidates for our MS by Research programme should possess:
  2. Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Sciences, Chemical Engineering. Material Sciences or any relevant degrees from reputed academic institutions.
  3. History of working in the energy and/or mobility sector or relevant internships.
  4. Experience with relevant equipment or software tools.

Research Associates

  1. Candidates with a relevant Masters or PhD in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Sciences, Chemical Engineering. Material Sciences or any relevant degrees from reputed academic institutions and/or work experience in technical roles within the energy and/or mobility sector.

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