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    Research Assistant and Teaching Fellow

    Posted 3 years ago

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    Job Type

    full Time


    Bangalore, India

    Atria University is innovating an education framework focused on empowering students to “learn how to learn,” combining interdisciplinarity, project-based learning and innovative pedagogies towards producing problem solvers of tomorrow. We are accepting our first cohort of undergraduate students in October 2021, at the heart of Bengaluru—a vibrant metropolis and hub of research, technology, art and enterprise in India. Courses will be offered as full-time immersive modules in one-to-three-week formats, with students learning fundamentals in the context of real-world problems. Students will take courses sequentially and complete an entire course before moving on to the next course. First year courses will be common to all incoming students and will emphasize foundational skills in ethics, social science, inquiry, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computation, to prepare the students to choose and specialize in the majors of their choice after the first year.

    Work Expectations

    Apply here if you are excited by

    1. Student-centered teaching – We will combine proven traditional teaching methods with innovative instructional techniques in order to deliver the best learning experience for our students.
    2. Institution building – As a part of the founding team, you will be setting in place a culture of innovative pedagogy and developing projects for students to learn concepts in context.
    3. Interdisciplinarity – You will get a chance to work in a highly interdisciplinary environment where students would be learning a variety of concepts through projects, modules, and courses.
    4. Research – You will work on challenging research projects in conjunction with the faculty, starting with one on drug target prediction using bioinformatics and computational biology.

    Brief description of position

    We would like to offer a single position with 2 major roles – a research assistant (specializing in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology) and teaching fellow (General Undergraduate Biology). If you are only interested in one of these roles, please feel free to write to us (at the email id below) clearly mentioning so. If you are not sure about one of these, please mention that. Each role is described in greater detail below.

    Research Assistant Role


    This is one of the research projects that you will initially work on. We (Dr. Gnaneshwar Yadav, NCBS and Dr. Saurabh Mahajan, Atria University) are interested in unravelling the role played by ribosomal landscapes in the translational control of neuronal disease targets and biomarkers. The bioinformatics part of the work will be led by Saurabh Mahajan at Atria University. In the current project, we wish to immediately map the evolutionarily conserved ribosomal features relevant to neurological diseases by using corresponding DNA and RNA sequence information. This work shall subsequently complement our preclinical efforts in relevant animal models to test potential interventions in neurological diseases. We are looking for a research assistant who will contribute to design, implementation, and documentation of the project. The work will be in the remote mode until the situation is safe to work from campus(Atria University).

    Roles and Responsibilities
    • Discuss and understand the research goals
    • Discuss and help to formulate the methodological approach
    • Work in consultation with the mentors to perform the research
    • Document the research work
    • Learn and work independently 70-80% of the time
    • Good understanding of: molecular processes, especially central dogma; role of sequence features/motifs in various biological processes; concepts of homology, conservation, and evolution etc.
    • Experience with basic bioinformatic analysis such as sequence alignments
    • Programming skills (command line and Python for Bioinformatics)
    • Curiosity and basic capacity to learn new biology and bioinformatics
      • Basic skills in reading research papers and software tutorials
      • Habit to question, find answers through reading or discussion
    • Fearlessness in seeking new knowledge and skills
    • Previous experience in writing code for Bioinformatic analysis will be a great advantage
    • Fearlessness and willingness to work independently


    Teaching Fellow Role

    Roles and Responsibilities
    • Co-facilitate classroom sessions, co-mentor students for projects, answer student questions
    • Attend all classroom sessions and record notes from in-class/outside classroom lectures. For web-based or hybrid classes, this includes being aware of online content.
    • Be familiar with the course content and all requirements for the course working along with Faculty
    • Evaluate student performance, including grading exams, quizzes, assignments, activities and papers. Meet with the course instructor and assist in determining grading criteria.
    • Track and record individual and overall course grades in multiple formats, including but not limited to entering grade results in spreadsheets or on the online learning management system (LMS). Also assist faculty members in publishing final grades after the course.
    • Track and record student class attendance.
    • Maintain course LMS site, including but not limited to posting assignments, quizzes, editing and posting notes and/or slide shows/videos for student access, and entering grades as assigned.
    • Be approachable, helpful, and assist faculty member in mentoring students for projects
    • Conduct tutorials and assist in labs.
    • Plan and schedule review sessions in consultation with the faculty member
    • Meet regularly with the course instructors and discuss classroom issues.
    • Perform other duties under the supervision of faculty member

    Required Qualifications

    • Undergraduate degree in the relevant field is required
    • Masters or equivalent postgraduate degree in a relevant field but not compulsory. Facilitating /teaching experience bachelors is added
    • Undergraduate level teaching and/or mentoring experience
    • Interest and demonstrated passion for student centric teaching/learning
    • Demonstrated interest in the subject you applied for

    Desired Qualifications

    • Interdisciplinary learning experience
    • Experience with student centered learning pedagogies
    • Experience in interdisciplinary learning environments
    • Experience in leading learning programs
    • Ability to adjust and adapt to dynamic environments

    Please note, you will be on probation for a period of 1 year and based on performance, the contract would be confirmed for the duration of a further 4 years.

    Compensation for the above roles

    Rs 30000 to Rs 40000 per month based on experience

    Beginning date: Immediately.

    Please send your CV along with a cover letter with a subject line ‘Application for the position of Research Assistant/Teaching Fellow’ to the email id

    If you need assistance or have queries, feel free to respond to this email as well. We are happy to assist you.

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