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    Mr. Sunder Raju

    Mr. Sunder Raju

    Founder, Atria University

    Mr. Sunder Raju is the Founder of Atria University and the Chairman of Atria Group which includes several well-known ventures in Hospitality, Real estate, Power, and Information Technology. Mr. Sunder Raju started Atria University in 2018 with a vision to script a new learning experience that places the students at the center.

    Mr. Sunder Raju holds a rich experience in a wide array of industries and is known for his ability to transcend barriers of technology and operations to build a team of professionals that demonstrate value-driven output to the community as a whole.

    Mr. Sunder Raju has received an Eminent Engineer recognition award from the Institution of Engineers in 2013 and has also been nominated to the Prime Minister’s Sectoral Innovation Council to deliver a road map for innovation and create an ecosystem for inclusive growth & development in the social sector. He is also the Hon. Secretary of the State Lawn Tennis Association, Karnataka and was instrumental in transforming this said Association into putting up Infrastructure of International standard and hosting a World Legends Tournament and ATP World Doubles.

    Mr. K. Nagaraju is a member of the Board of Trustees at Atria University and the Executive Director of the Atria Group.

    With over 40 years of experience, he oversees the management of the Radisson Blu Atria Hotel, Atria Power, and Atria Education. He supervised the development of Atria Power’s projects across India. As the Vice President of the South India Hotels and Restaurants Association (SIHRA) and an Executive Committee member of the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI), Mr. Nagaraju has played an influential role in advocating for and promoting the interests of the Indian hospitality industry.

    With his wealth of experience in hospitality, construction, power generation, and education, Mr. Nagaraju recognizes how an overhaul of the current education system is imperative to equip the next generation with industry-oriented skills of the future.

    Mr. K. Nagaraju

    Member, Board of Trustees, Atria University

    Kaushik Raju

    Member, Board of Trustees, Atria University

    Kaushik Raju is a Member of the Board of Trustees at Atria University and serves as the Chief Operations Officer of the Atria Group.

    His leadership extends beyond the Atria Group as the founder of Lore, an organisation at the forefront of the locavore movement. Lore comprises Farmlore, an internationally acclaimed fine dining molecular gastronomy restaurant, and Hydrolore, a hydroponics company that offers sustainable and affordable farming solutions adaptable to any space. Additionally, Mr. Kaushik Raju has had a successful foray into the mobility industry as the founder of Intellicar Telematics, a start-up specialising in integrated IoT solutions for fleet tracking and predictive maintenance, which was acquired by TVS Motor in 2020.

    With a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape, Mr. Kaushik Raju recognizes the importance of implementing new teaching methods to help students in taking an industry driven approach. With a focus on improving and elevating the paradigm of higher education in India, he aims to make the formal process of learning more novel, relevant and interactive.

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