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    Green Hydrogen in India

    Atria University hosted an enlightening webinar on “Green Hydrogen in India”, featuring Prof. Sagar Mitra from IIT Bombay’s Department of Energy Science and Engineering, along with Mr. Rahul Bagdia, Chairman and MD of pManifold.

    The webinar focused on various aspects of green hydrogen, including its clean energy potential, renewable production methods, and its role in decarbonising sectors. Attendees gained valuable insights into strategies for production, storage, and utilisation, as well as government policies.

    Prof. Mitra and Mr. Bagdia began by explaining green hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy carrier. They discussed the production methods of hydrogen, particularly focusing on electrolysis powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. The potential of green hydrogen in decarbonising sectors was also highlighted during the session.

    Another key aspect covered in the webinar was the strategies for the production, storage, and utilisation of green hydrogen. Attendees gained insights into government policies and regulations surrounding the adoption and implementation of green hydrogen technologies.

    Throughout the webinar, participants gained a deeper understanding of green hydrogen and its potential role in addressing energy and environmental challenges. Specifically, discussions on green hydrogen’s applications in the transportation sector provided valuable insights into the benefits, challenges, and ongoing developments in this field. Participants also learned about the difficulties associated with hydrogen storage and the high transportation costs involved.

    Moreover, it was emphasised that the Indian government is showing a keen interest in green hydrogen and investing funds in its development. The webinar also touched upon different types of hydrogen and their efficiency, allowing participants to expand their knowledge in this area.

    The session concluded with a brief discussion about CO2 capture, highlighting its importance in the context of green hydrogen production and utilisation.

    The event provided a deeper understanding of green hydrogen and its potential to address energy and environmental challenges.

    We are grateful to Prof. Mitra and Mr. Bagdia for sharing their expertise and making our first Atria University Fireside Chat a resounding success.

    Stay tuned for more engaging events!

    Atria Admissions Team

    July 6, 2023

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    Atria University Interspecies Conclave

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