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    Everything about an Automobile Engineering course


    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. Is pursuing an automobile engineering course in 2023 worth it?
    3. B.Tech in Automobile Engineering:
      1. 3.1- Gist of automotive engineering
        3.2- Advantages of pursuing an automobile engineering course:
    4. What can you expect out of the B.Tech automobile engineering course?
    5. Skills of an automotive engineer post B.Tech
    6. Career outcomes after a B.Tech in automobile engineering
    7. Top companies hiring automobile engineers
    8. Quick salary facts
    9. Conclusion


    An automobile engineering course is designed specifically for someone with keen interest in electronics, mathematics, mechanics and cars, of course!

    The modern-day automobiles are truly valued for easy commuting along with high-end technology and efficiency of electric vehicles. Also, a surging demand of stylish, resourceful and dependable state-of-the-art vehicles has made a career in automobile engineering lucrative.

    Another enticing factor about the subject is that the opportunities don’t stop in India. Countries like the USA, Japan, Korea, UK and Germany qualify as the giant players in the field.

    Facts and Figures about the automotive industry in India

    • The Indian automotive sector is one of the largest in the world
    • The automobile space in India is anticipated to grow at a compound annual rate of 11.3% from 2020 to 2027. By 2027, India is likely to reach 6,920,991 units.
    • Most recent stats state that India overtakes Japan to become the third largest automotive market in the world.
    • India is the fifth largest car manufacturing country and second largest two wheeler in the world.

    The automotive engineering field has existed for more than a century but at present it i’s at its peak. In simple words, the advancing field is challenging yet rewarding.

    Is pursuing an automobile engineering course in 2023 worth it?

    The study of automotive engineering is accelerated to meet the global needs and keep pace with the new manufacturing techniques. Given the current importance of transportation and technological development, there is a new release time and again.

    Gist of automotive engineering:

    Today, automobile engineering is an indispensable gigantic sector. The study involves manufacturing, design, modification, maintenance and other operations of vehicles. The branch focuses on the overall management while conducting high-intensive research. It plays a pivotal role in converting innovative ideas into reality in this fast-paced world.

    It is a subfield of engineering that comprises various elements like mechanical, software, safety, electric and electronic aspects while working on vehicles like cars, buses, motorcycles, scooters and more.

    Advantages of pursuing an automobile engineering course:

    • Steady and numerous employment options available
    • A sense of satisfaction on completion of the project
    • Variety of work
    • It is an exciting domain. Modern vehicles are built with advanced technology
    • Automotive technicians are exposed to great growth
    • A seamless transition from education to career
    • Great entry-level opportunities
    • Expect high-level job security
    • A definite roadmap to evolution
    • In the life of the automobile industry, every day will be different from another
    • A lot of scope for innovation

    Bachelor of Technology – B.Tech in automobile engineering involves the study of various engines and in-depth analysis of a system’s construction, quality and safety. The highly-productive subject is designed for candidates looking to develop new mobility solutions. The study also involves all the vehicle dynamics including noise and vibration.

    The curriculum is crafted with technical and non-technical skills that cover a variety of subjects beyond the traditional engineering.

    What can you expect out of the B.Tech automobile engineering course?

    • Basics of vehicle designing
    • Deep insights on the development of engine and its components
    • Process of implementation
    • Battery technology application
    • Testing and assembly of critical parts
    • A brief understanding of mathematics, physics and chemistry
    • Preparing master plans involving new-aged technologies
    • Economics and finance of automobiles
    • Design a high-speed rotating device

    Skills of an automotive engineer post B.Tech

    Listing down the technical and non-technical skills required to be successful in the field.

    • Manufacturing operations
    • Computer aided design (CAD)
    • Deep understanding of electricals and electromechanical systems
    • Data Management
    • Engineering support
    • Product development
    • Design failure mode and effect analysis (DFMEA)
    • Vehicle Integration
    • Problem-solving and communication skills
    • Quality control
    • Engine performance
    • Inspecting installation
    • Visual interpretations
    • Commissioning of mechanical failures

    Career outcomes after a B.Tech in automobile engineering

    The study offers a vast array of career pathways including production plants, service stations, motor vehicle departments, automobile manufacturing industries, state road transportation corporations and more. Qualified individuals have multiple platforms to choose from.

    • Automotive designer and developer
    • Quality engineer
    • Mobility system architect
    • Transportation design consultant
    • System specialist
    • Service engineer
    • Automotive technician
    • Development engineer
    • Manufacturing engineer

    The Government of India has now initiated an approach for automobile engineer graduates to opt for self-financed business. Some of which are:

    • Solar product manufacturing and distribution
    • Training Institute
    • Automobile Showroom or Service centre owner
    • Automotive component manufacturing
    • Machine installation & distribution partner
    • Business Consultants and many more
    • Consultants in car buy/sale
    • Accessories vendor
    • Loss Assessor and Surveyor
    • Generator Manufacturing and supplier
    • On-the-spot Cleaning and maintenance Services
    • Component Designing

    Top companies hiring automobile engineers

    The scope of B.Tech automobile engineers in India is immense. Various national and global level companies are setting up a market base in the country. Some top-recruiting companies are as follows:

    • Maruti Suzuki
    • Ashok Leyland
    • Hyundai
    • Bajaj
    • General Motors
    • Ashok Leyland
    • Mahindra
    • Ford
    • BMW
    • Audi
    • Renault
    • Volkswagen

    The job outlook post B.Tech in Automobile Engineering is promising and ever-growing. Experts predict a massive growth for prospects between 2019-2029. As the world shifts away from gasoline vehicles, more automobile engineers will be needed than ever. For instance, General Motors aims at becoming carbon neutral by 2040, inviting an increasing demand of automobile engineers.

    Quick Salary Facts:

    Speaking of the B.Tech automobile engineering salary trend, the entry-level perks would be around Rs 4,00,000-7,00,000 per annum, though it may differ depending upon the hierarchy, location, company and other factors. Some facts remain:

    • Automobile Engineers are one of the top highest paying jobs.
    • Internationally, some of the top paying countries are- China, Japan, USA, New Zealand and France.

    One Last Thought:

    B.Tech in automobile engineering is worth considering. The influx of e-Bikes and electric cars has opened the door to plentiful opportunities for young graduates who have just completed their B.Tech in automobile engineering.

    Atria University’s mobility major is set to accurately guide on setting your foot in this domain. A game-changing plan in the auto space has created more room for engineers and designers. If you are looking for a demanding yet rewarding field in this fast moving world, automotive engineering is an ideal pick for you.

    Experts foresee a 25-30% growth in the coming three years.

    Atria Admissions Team

    February 2, 2023

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