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    Automobile Engineering - Atria University
    Automobile Engineering - Atria University

    What is the automobile engineering salary in India? An overview


    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. What is automobile engineering
    3. Roles and responsibilities of an automobile engineer
    4. Skills required for an automobile engineer
    5. How to become an automobile engineer
    6. Scope of automobile engineering
      1. Automobile engineering salary
    7. The career outlook for an automobile engineer
    8. Conclusion


    Why is there so much hype around automobile engineering salaries? There is so much curiosity for the most indisputable reason. The field has never been so advantageous and remunerative.

    The Indian automobile industry is predicted to reach a whooping figure of Rs 18 trillion by 2026. Post the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic; the auto space has already shown all signs of booming. The market has foreseen a CAGR of 11.3% from 2020 to 2027. The industry has been one of the most important drivers of the Indian economy and carved a unique path for the manufacturing sectors. Going by history, India stood as the world’s fourth largest auto market in 2017. Gladly, Indian auto sales also showed resilience during the pandemic. Despite the challenges, the sector looks brighter today. It has also benefited immensely from the new tailwinds like increasing export demand and global supply-chain rebalancing. These key factors have resulted in surging opportunities, and the sector is anticipated with 65 million new jobs by 2026.

    This study aims to throw light on the industry’s present and future. Most importantly, we are here to bring forward the crux of how to become an automobile engineer.

    What is automobile engineering?

    Automobile engineering is a branch that deals with different elements of a vehicle, including operation, designing, manufacturing, construction, reconstruction and modification. An automobile engineer will be concerned with various elements such as the electrical, mechanical, software, electronic and safety. The applications of auto space can be incorporated into trucks, cars, scooters and motorcycles.

    The automobile engineering space is highly research-intensive with the involvement of mathematical formulas, models and fact-findings. The development in the auto sector has been a leading factor in the emerging field. Also known as a branch of vehicle engineering, the field has accounted for India as a global hub of auto component manufacturing. In this domain, our country broadly deals with assembling automobile parts.

    Roles and responsibilities of an automobile engineer

    In this fastest-growing sector, an automobile engineer plays a pivotal role in the artistic and technical sphere. An automobile engineer is not restricted to only one responsibility. The role typically includes the following:

    • Evaluating the project
    • Conducting relevant research
    • Sourcing and selecting the vehicle components.
    • Enhance the performance of an automobile.
    • Knowing how to fix any technical problem
    • Implementing a test procedure
    • Executing rapid prototype techniques
    • Analysing the result in every stage
    • Overseeing the work of juniors
    • Drafting a detailed and explicit layout
    • Negotiating budgets with suppliers
    • Taking charge of reports and presentations
    • Being well-acquainted with allied software. 
    • Deep investigation of product failures
    • Predicting component consequences under different circumstances.
    • Analysing the safety aspects and data.
    • Working closely with suppliers and other industrial, chemical, aerospace and civil engineers.
    • Being in charge of test procedures, plans and drawings.
    • Preparing a chart for design and cost estimate. 
    • Taking customer feedback positively and making changes accordingly.

    Skills required for an automobile engineer

    The secret to being a successful automobile engineer requires a list of non-technical skills. 

    • An avid interest in automobile engineering. 
    • A positive approach to problem-solving.
    • Solid research and analytical skills.
    • Ability to plan right, meet deadlines, stay within budget and keep up confidence.
    • Succeed in the two T’s – teamwork and time management.
    • Expertise in engineering analytics, laws and safety standards.
    • Must be detail-oriented.
    • Should certainly have great communication skills.

    Car on the road

    How to become an automobile engineer?

    Automobile engineers, also referred to as automotive engineers, have routes into the profession. If the subject entices you, here’s how you can become one and excel at it.

    1. Computer literacy

    Without thorough computer competency, you cannot become an auto engineer or climb the success ladder. The sole reason is the dependency of 21st-century engineers on computer-assisted design software. Computer skills are a must. Professionals use computer programming for manufacturing, designing and testing components.

    2. Mathematical knowledge

    Competent mathematical skills are decisive for automobile engineering jobs. The expert must be able to calculate compression ratios, gear ratios, engine displacement, stroke combinations, the strength of the machine and some calculations pertaining to top-end speed, power and quarter-mile.

    3. Cognitive and communication skills

    An automobile engineer must necessarily collaborate with higher authorities and coworkers. The professionals are required to work together, and therefore, the car engineer must have proficient cognitive and communication skills. One major responsibility of a car engineer involves creating accurate job progress reports, which cannot be efficient without the two C’s. Also, for an auto engineer, working as a group is necessary.

    4. Formal education

    The fact remains that one cannot go ahead without pursuing formal education in automotive engineering. Atria University’s BTech is designed for aspiring automobile engineers. What can you expect? Our major in mobility will prepare you with the right combination of a futuristic approach in auto engineering and emerging technologies. You will have the opportunity to work on multiple methods, strategies and tools to overcome some of the harsh challenges faced by the industry. Students will be exposed to engineering, environmental science and business curriculums. You will also have the opportunity to specialise between electric vehicle design, electric mobility infrastructure and autonomous vehicle technology in the last year.

    Some key highlights of our automobile engineering course include:

    • Basics of vehicle design
    • Material science
    • Mobility infrastructure in cities
    • Fundamentals of climate change
    • Autonomous vehicle technology
    • Economics of sustainability
    • The crux of battery technologies in transportation
    • Deeply understanding the energy efficiency of automobiles
    • Business process of renewable energy.

    E mobility

    Scope of automobile engineering

    Get ready for ample opportunities after graduating as a B.Tech automobile engineer from Atria University. We are thrilled to brace you for some real-life challenges through our competent training in presentations, technical, analytical, commercial and organisational skills.

    Top automotive engineering recruiters are:

    • TATA motors
    • Capgemini
    • Hyundai Mobis
    • Toyota
    • Audi
    • Ford
    • Volkswagen
    • Yamaha
    • BMW
    • Larsen & Toubro
    • TVS Motor
    • Robert Bosch India
    • Maruti Suzuki
    • Ashok Leyland
    • KPIT Technologies
    • BMW
    • Yamaha
    • Mahindra
    • Tata Consultacy Services

    Automobile engineering salary

    To be super successful, the candidate must be a challenge-seeker, dedicated, spontaneous, curious and certainly with the right degree. An automobile engineering salary in India should range anywhere between Rs 64,000 – 2,00,000 per month. A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary of auto engineers in 2020 was about ​$89,200​ per year. Also, an Economic Research Institute reported takeaways of auto engineers about ​$99,936 in 2022.
    Car blueprint

    The career outlook for an automobile engineer:

    Most certainly, automobile engineering is one of the sought-after options for the youth. In 2022, automotive sales in India are set to be the strongest in the Asia-Pacific. In 2021, India projected growth of 27% and also predicted a boom of 10% in 2022

    Every progress and addition in the automotive space leads to the hiring of more aspirants in the automotive sector. The demand for passionate automobile engineers is growing by leaps and bounds in India and overseas. We see a continual expansion with the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies over the years. As a result, advancements and opportunities are expected to thrive every passing day. To conclude, the automotive space is fast-paced, dynamic and most definitely lucrative.

    One Last Thought:

    As society heads toward an efficient ecosystem of transportation, there is a growing need for automobile engineers to meet all mobility solutions. Your search for an automobile engineering college comes to an end. The mobility program at Atria University will guide you accurately to set your foot in this exciting domain. The arrival of electric vehicles has bestowed a game-changing plan in the automobile space and created more room for car designers and automobile engineers. Get ready to pursue our major and grab the necessary knowledge in this roaring realm. 

    Fact-Finding: Experts foresee a 12% growth in 2023. Unequivocally, automobile engineering salaries are going to create new benchmarks.

    Atria Admissions Team

    August 31, 2022

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