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    Working at Science laboratory
    Working at Science laboratory

    Which biological science subjects promise a positive future?


    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. What are Biological Sciences
      1. Branches of Biology
      2. History of Biology
    3. Ten reasons why a career in biological science is fulfilling
    4. Scope of Biological Science
    5. What is BSc in Biology Science
    6. Conclusion


    To put it simply, the study of biology involves everything that is or was once alive- microorganisms, animals or plants. It is a process of unearthing the mysteries of living organisms. ‘Biology’ comes from greek terms – bios and logos, which means life and study, respectively. Interestingly, it involves a deep comprehension of living things and how they interact at every level. The evolution in biology has helped discover new and undetermined diseases, gain a deeper comprehension of the environment and overcome many more challenges.

    Biological science subjects have made it possible to understand the living world in depth. It is a broad area of study which has successfully brought great advancements in our lives. Interestingly, the ever-changing and diverse field has led humans to achieve scientific excellence. India has geared to be an International player in life sciences. The need, curiosity, desire and major economic growth have progressed biological research in India. The intrusiveness of science behind life has opened doors for many lucrative career options.

    We aim to elaborate on all the insightful facets of the biological field. We have also thrown light on the scope of biological science.

    What are biological sciences?

    Biological science is a multidisciplinary study of living organisms, their environment, functionality, life structure, behaviour, interaction and evolution. The field examines various aspects of the process by encompassing all the divisions. Some intricate learning involves microbiology, biochemistry, and evolutionary biology under the widespread umbrella. The extensive biological science subject embraces different domains of living organisms. It is a sought-after subject that covers everything from the internal structures.

    Branches of Biology:

    Some important branches of biology are as follows:

    • Zoology: Study of animals
    • Botany: Study of plants
    • Anatomy: Study of the internal system of living things.
    • Ecology: Study of the relationship of living things with the environment.
    • Biochemistry: Study of chemistry to look into living things
    • Pathology: Study of diseases in plants and animals
    • Genetics: Study of hereditary amongst living things
    • Histology: Study of tissues

    History of Biology

    • The first man to make a cogent contribution to biology was Alcmaeon. He was the first scientist to practise dissections and to define human intelligence.
    • The science of biology was invented by Aristotle; wherein he concluded the heart of a human to be the core of human intelligence. Also, his study unveiled a profound understanding of the human body. He is proudly recognised as the father of biology.
    • The story of DNA is much relevant. It began with Oswald Avery’s DNA identification in 1944, Rosalind Franklin’s image of the double helix in 1952, and Francis Crick’s model of the double helix structure in 1953.
    • Richard Roblin and Theodore Friedmann introduced gene therapy as a possibility in 1972. Cancer and many more gene therapies were approved by 1992.

    Microscope in Biological Science

    Ten reasons why a career in biological science is fulfilling

    1. Deep understanding of life

    With the study of biological science, one can comprehensively understand living things and their bio-diverse role. A biologist has an accurate comprehension of living things and the diversity of life forms. Also, the natural biological process is understood deeply – growth, reproduction, body changes, ageing, metabolism and even breathing. A complete life cycle of a human, animal and plant can be understood in biology.

    2. Pivotal in medicine

    Everyone’s aware of the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To a large extent, it was curable with the research and findings of indispensable medications. Apart from that, biology has played a pivotal role in the healthcare industry in finding successful treatments for diseases like cancer and tuberculosis. Medicine, which is completely dependent on biology, is a fundamental base for the healthcare industry. A deep study of the field is the ideal solution to many mortal diseases, giving humans a longer life.

    3. Environmental benefits

    Our environment can beautifully shelter us. Even a small action in our surroundings can endanger life on earth. Some negative impacts on the environment can bring life to a standstill. In biology, one can study how to protect, monitor and manage the resources of our land. Chemical pollution can be put to an end. Also, the most calamitous result on the environment due to human activities, global warming, can be prevented. All of this may not be an overnight act but can be worked towards attaining it in the near future.

    4. Great for agriculture

    Agriculture is one space that requires the application of new technologies to enhance the yield of crops. Without the use of biotechnology, it is impossible for these implementations. Also, the quality is extensive in modern agriculture. The field of biotechnology provides farmers with techniques and tools to make cheap and manageable production which also works towards efficient farming. To many advantages, newer technologies have increased the variety of crop yields per hectare. As an outcome of increasing the supply of food beautifully.

    5. High potential

    One factor which should definitely leave you in awe is the high salary prospects. The growth of a biologist will certainly depend on the ability to a large extent; however, the Bureau of Labor Statistics foresee a growth of 4-5%  between 2019-209 in the field. Also, some annual earnings are seen at:

    • Microbiologist – 54,600 USD
    • Biotechnologist – 51,725 USD
    • Research scientist – 81,380 USD
    • Biochemist – 61,760 USD

    The journey of a biologist is as glorious in India as overseas. Apart from being passionate, it is also important to grasp the right skills.

    6. The world needs it

    There is no such thing as the ‘right time to be a biologist’. Biology will aid in making the world a better place to live in. The field allows deep cognisance of nature, which directly works towards dealing with our innumerable challenges.

    • Reducing carbon dioxide
    • Learning how to deal with invasive species
    • Creating reusable products
    • A fulfilling agriculture future

    7. One of the most interesting subject

    And lastly, the subject is very intriguing. The broadness of biology and the existence of living things makes the field very interesting. How interesting it is to discover the development of the planet? Did you know that elephants have almost 40,000 muscles in their trunk? Giant pandas spend about 10-16 hours a day eating; isn’t that shocking? Frogs can change their sex, Woah! All of these facts can be discovered once you step into the biology adventure. In fact, the far-flung field has a new finding almost every day.

    life sciences

    Scope of Biological Science

    The scope of biological science is extensive. A person with an unerring Master’s degree is set to conquer the world. Here’s an intricate list of some career opportunities in the field.

    • Biochemist
    • Food scientist
    • Genetic counsellor
    • Botanist
    • Biology content developer
    • Plant biochemist
    • Environmental scientist
    • Microbiologist
    • Farming consultant
    • Pharmacist
    • Nutritionist
    • Biotechnologist

    Exploring the sought-after field can lead you to an array of career opportunities. Apart from the employment opportunities, one can also opt to be a bio-entrepreneur. Not like it is fun and games, but it would be creative with a business edge. One could open an exclusive medicine store or start a genetic engineering laboratory.

    Some everyday uses of biology

    • Clothing and textiles
    • Food and beverages
    • Personal care
    • Beauty
    • Medicines
    • Transportation
    • Fuels
    • Buildings
    • Next-generation biofuels

    What is BSc in Biology Science?

    BSc stands for Bachelor of Science. The detailed and well-defined program at Atria University will let aspiring scientists research and implement ideas in modern biotechnologies and biological science. While pursuing the course, one will gain large-scale knowledge of ecology, genetics, botany, ecology and biodiversity.

    The Life Science major will provide a strong foundation in the pursuit of becoming a world-class scientist and technologist. We provide the utmost learning on the fundamentals of modern biological science and humanistic education. A part of our curriculum also involves signature projects for deep understanding.

    Science laboratory

    One Last Thought:

    Biological science subjects like biology, botany, microbiology, genetics, biotechnology, molecular biosciences, neurobiology, forensic biology and many more call for introspection in the study of living organisms and the science behind life. The growing field is an in-demand career. A Biologist can work in various fields like pharma, food, agriculture, consultancy, etc.

    Biology is considered one of the fastest-growing fields. The interdisciplinary sphere is highly rewarding- financially and emotionally. However, acquiring the highest-position job is almost impossible without mastering the right degree. Go beyond the conventional methods with Atria University.


    Atria Admissions Team

    September 12, 2022

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