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    Program Director – Interactive Technologies

    Posted 2 years ago

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    full Time


    Bangalore, India

    Do you have a deep understanding of how interactive systems are evolving, and how both physical and virtual interfaces will shape people’s experiences? Are you excited by the idea of moulding the next generation of tech-savvy change makers who will transform how we work and live? Do you have experience in designing courses and programs focusing on experiential learning? Then you may be the person we are looking for!

    Atria University is a new private university located in Bengaluru, India. We are taking a new approach to learning, using extensively planned and designed “sprint-style” courses to give students an in-depth immersion in a series of interlinked topics. We offer five future-oriented interdisciplinary majors – Mobility, Life Sciences, Energy Sciences, Digital Transformation, and Interactive Technology.

    We are also building a great breadth of partnerships with industry and other institutions, to provide our students with a clear understanding and experience of the demands of the workplace right from the start of their professional training. Lastly, but most importantly, we are encouraging our students to be encouraging of diversity, and ethical in their interactions.

    We are currently looking for a highly creative and dynamic individual to lead the Interactive Technologies (IT) major. The Interactive Technologies major is a distinctive combination of Computer Science and Communication Technologies based strongly on Design Thinking & User Interface Research. The incumbent should bring a big-picture understanding of product ideation & design, wearable tech, user-centric design, human-machine interfaces, or other similar new technologies and principles that are changing how we interact with and understand the world around us.

    Some other valuable skills include:

    • Conducting usability studies
    • Task flow & navigational design
    • Understanding of interacting design patterns and paradigms
    • Understanding of and adherence to interface design standards

    Experience of designing training modules or courses, and in student-centric roles is a big plus.

    You should apply for this role if

    • You want to work with an ambitious and dynamic team working to transform higher education in India.
    • You enjoy the challenge of creating a new ‘vertical’ and making it unique.

    Key roles & responsibilities

    This is a senior management role and you will have a number of responsibilities and functions. Some of these include:

    1. Academics
      1. Understand the needs of society and industry with respect to Interactive Technologies and direct the IT major to meet those needs.
      2. Envision and build the details of the academic pathway in Interactive Technologies.
      3. Develop processes for designing and testing new courses and curricula in Interactive Technologies
      4. Oversee the creation and implementation of student performance monitoring processes within the Interactive Technologies major.
      5. Building a culture within the IT major that values academic honesty, rigour, inquisitiveness, resourcefulness, and ethical behaviour.
    2. Outreach
      1. Build greater engagement with industry through jury assessments, seminars, guest lectures and similar events.
      2. Facilitate the development of internship opportunities for students in the IT major.
      3. Oversee & facilitate research into new developments in the field that will be relevant to the university and the IT major.
    3. Personnel management
      1. Identify and invite relevant experts to serve as guest or permanent faculty at the University for select courses in IT.
      2. Participate in conversations with ‘prospective faculty’ in regards to the hiring process
      3. Be a member of the recruitment panel for select faculty prospects in other domains if there is an overlap of expertise.
      4. Participate in conversations or interviews for prospective students
      5. Advise and assist in creating conducive environments for faculty retention.
    4. Infrastructure
      1. Motivating, planning, and creating high-tech experimental centres that may be needed to advance the IT major
      2. Encouraging faculty associated with the IT major to apply for research grants and providing support and advice for their applications.

    Required qualifications

    • A master’s degree with significant relevant work experience.
    • Research or consulting experience in relevant fields.
    • Experience in formulating course material and curricula
    • Extensive experience in planning and organizing of delivery of courses
    • Experience with interdisciplinary teaching and alternative pedagogies

    Preferred qualifications

    • A PhD and over 5 years of progressive experience in a relevant field.
    • Experience working with undergraduate and post-graduate students.
    • Extensive experience working in interdisciplinary fields.
    • Proven track record of working in research / industry and academics.


    Compensation is commensurate with experience. Hired faculty are entitled to assistance for relocation. Our dedicated administrators are here to answer questions related to taxation, visa, transportation, childcare, and accommodations.

    How to apply

    Please send an email to with subject line <Your Name_Application for Program Director – IT>. Please attach the following documents:

    • A cover letter that describes why you believe you are a good fit for this position and what your vision for the Interactive Technologies major is. (1 page)
    • Complete Curriculum Vitae, including any publications you have made.
    • Statement of your academic, industry and research experience (2 pages maximum)

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