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    Program Director | Interactive Technology Major

    Posted 3 years ago

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    full Time


    Bangalore, India

    Atria University is innovating an education framework focused on empowering students to “Learn how to Learn”, combining interdisciplinarity, project based learning and innovative pedagogies towards making the problem solvers of tomorrow. We are accepting our first class of students in October- 2021 at the heart of Bengaluru, India – a vibrant metropolis and hub of research, technology, art and enterprise in India. Courses will be 1-3 week full-time immersive modules, with students working on fundamentals in the context of real-world problems. Students take courses sequentially, completing an entire course before moving on to the next one. First year courses will be common to all incoming students and will emphasize foundational skills in ethics, inquiry, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computation, to prepare the students to choose and specialize in the majors of their choice after the first year.

    We are looking for a motivated and passionate person, to fill the role of program director of the Interactive Technology major in Atria University. The program director is responsible for the design, implementation and success of the Interactive Technology major undergraduate program at Atria University: provide inputs for vision, outreach, competition, systems, processes and review.

    We are dedicated to equity and inclusion within our workspace and we recognize that higher education has traditionally been quite exclusive. We want to work towards changing that. At Atria, we value experience and expertise, and recognize that qualifications and certificates are not always the best metrics to capture the knowledge and drive that individuals can bring to our team. We shall value the breadth and depth of your experiences, from a wide range of engagements, be they conventional or exploratory

    Our Vision

    Vision that drives AU Education

    We want our students to leave with confidence that they have learned how to learn; manifested in the confidence to undertake independent studies and projects, seeking guidance and collaborations but also working out details on their own. They have recognized who they are and what they want to do in life. They are ethical contributors to future society as collaborators, leaders and problem solvers.

    At AU, students will learn by doing and combine these experiences with the judicious study of existing theoretical works. Therefore, by the end of their education here, they are equipped with a portfolio of projects they have been involved in, and have knowledge in the context of the real world. A student leaving AU will know what it means to need rigorous knowledge that can stand up to the test of real world application, and not just a written exam.

    A vision of the Digital Transformation Major

    The Interactive Technologies program is a distinctive combination of Computer Science, Design Thinking & Research Methodologies, grounded in a foundation of ethics.

    The goal is seamless interaction between Human and Computer (no typing). touch, voice, biometrics, gesture, command based.

    The learnings from this major became relevant and crucial because we are at a pivotal moment in the course of humanity. The future will inevitably be driven by technologies. We need to be fully aware of the incredible benefits, amazing possibilities, and the ethical pitfalls that interactive technologies present. Global leaders must make wise technological choices. More so, every individual, especially future leaders like our students called upon to exercise independent thought.

    Interactive Technologies hold a unique key to the future. While studying this major, we want students to explore and master the blue sky technologies and a form-follows-function ethos.

    While pursuing the Interactive Technologies major, we want students to leverage the best existing technologies in their own creative practice. We want students to lead, envision and become thought leaders in the industry.


    • PhD or equivalent in relevant field
    • 8+ years of teaching/education experience with undergraduates
    • Research / consulting experience in relevant fields / industry
    • Experience working with industry/policy in the fields of Interactive Technologies
    • Demonstrated ability to systematically plan courses and implement curricula
    • Interdisciplinary teaching / alternative pedagogy experience / good track record as an educator

    Apply here if you are:

    • Have a strong interest in teaching, pedagogy, and values research
    • Willing to enable other people to design and implement courses, guide the construction of research trajectories, and weaving their efforts together (A facilitator)
    • Will collaborate with management and other program directors to ensure intersection and synergies between this program and the rest of the university
    • Has significant experience and current knowledge in the field
    • Can leverage relationships with practitioners, industry professionals or external stakeholders to build and implement the vision of the major



    • Design the curricular structure and specialization paths for the major
    • Bring up the Atria Interactive Technology curriculum and its interfaces with the other majors to a high standard
    • Evolve processes for designing and testing future curricula well ahead of time. Design and implement a pipeline of testing and feedback so that future courses get time to evolve before kicking into full gear
    • Continuous involvement with the implementation of the project on ground
    • Involvement with design of review and feedback mechanisms: performance, degree of engagement etc using multiple metrics
    • Developing and teaching 1 course or more in the second year curriculum for the major
    • Build industry surveys and connections. What are the skillsets required by the relevant industries? How much of the techniques can we teach in house and what fraction should be onsite experience as interns etc? These are areas where a broad agreement should be possible if we listen to what industry tells us and adapt to their unmet requirements


    • Identify and invite relevant faculty from one’s network or otherwise who may consider teaching as a guest or permanent faculty at the University for select courses
    • Participate in select conversations with ‘prospective faculty’
    • Be a member of the recruitment panel for select faculty prospects in relevant domains
    • Participate in conversations or interviews for prospective students
    • Work on environments for faculty retention


    • Building a culture of rigor in conceptual thought
    • Building a culture of exploration in both ideas and materials
    • Implementing a culture of making/building material things
    • Build motivations to explore ideas, technologies and value systems from other lands/cultures
    • Ensuring ethics is taught and practised

    Infrastructure duties

    • Motivating and implementing high tech experimental centers for teaching within the domain
    • Workshops and studios for projects
    • Workshops and studios and laboratories for observing measuring and analysing phenomena
    • Fundraising duties
      • Have a dedicated team working on and raising funds from external sources (govt, industry and pvt – if approved by the founders) for the educational and research mission at Atria
      • Provide training in grant writing / industry integrations to scientists/faculty members

    Compensation & Location

    Compensation is commensurate with experience. Hired faculty are entitled to assistance for relocation. Our dedicated administrators are here to answer questions related to taxation, visa, transportation, childcare, and accommodations.


    Close to a major highway in the northern part of Bengaluru, India, Atria University is a short distance from major centres of research and excellence such as the Indian Institute of Science, the National Center for Biological Sciences, the Raman Research Institute, the Central Power Research Institute, the Srishti School of Design. We have easy access to the airport, train stations and public transit.


    Please email your resume to with subject line <your name_Application for Program director> if this position interests you.

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