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    Computer Programming
    Computer Programming

    Every little detail on the Fundamentals of Computer Programming


    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. Fundamentals of Computer Programming
    3. Advantages of Computer Programming
    4. Basic Elements of Computer Programming
    5. Beginner Programming Languages
    6. Computer Programming career options in India
    7. Chief Skills required for Computer Programming
    8. Conclusion

    In this tech-driven world, getting acquainted with the basics of programming is the need of the hour. In layman’s language, the quick-witted concept has been introduced to abet operations with the help of certain instructions. Professionals use programming codes and enable the computer to implement the required task. But you don’t need to be an expert to be well informed about this skill. An enthusiast with a passion for learning is qualification enough.

    We strongly believe that computer programming can foster and reinvent youthful minds in many ways. It’s no news how this proficient process can lead you to the path of victory academically and socially. Allow us to walk you through the fundamentals of computer programing, advantages, the basic elements, scope and everything more that you are curious to know.
    =Fundamentals of computer programming

    Fundamentals of Computer Programming in student life:

    In a nutshell, the basics of computer programming can ease out the technical tasks and make the simple computations further facile. Knowing computer programming skills is a must in this technological era, even for students. The fast-paced coder can shape the course of student life by enriching creativity and, most importantly, transcending inner skills. Not to mention how the overall academic performances are set with a new blueprint and goals. It’s as simple as giving out a sequence of instructions and debugging with a raw mind. There is no limitation on widening one’s horizon.

    Advantages of Computer Programming:

    Whether a hobby or a career option, the advantages of computer programming are immense. The cutting-edge technology ensures ample growth in variable ways.

    • It can enhance your potential to communicate thoughts analytically.
    • You will have the leisure to think out-of-the-box.
    •  Lets you have a problem-solving mind from the beginning. It will help you creatively decode real-world challenges.
    • Computer programming gets you well versed with forward-looking trends.
    • Regardless of the technology, you can leverage applications to perform tasks for you.
    • The process of continuous evolution helps in increasing the thinking power.
    • If entrepreneurship entices you, this is a lucrative option.
    • Basic IT skills are a must for several job profiles.
    • Computer programmers can enjoy the luxury of a hybrid working model.
    • The gaming industry is booming. You can feel free to try your hands on that aspect.
    • Being well versed with computer science fundamentals is a blessing in disguise for most industries.
    • Last but not the least, it’s a proud feeling to stay ahead of the times.

    Basic Elements of Computer programming

    Basic elements of Computer Programming

    In a snippet, here are the elements of computer programming. You can use them swiftly in the basics of programming.

    • Input
    • Output
    • Data types – Variable and constant
    • Operations 
    • Looping
    • Arithmetic
    • Keywords
    • Characters
    • Functions
    • Numbers
    • Arrays
    • Decision making

    Interactive Tech

    Beginner programming languages:

    Computer programming languages

    Here comes a bit of a thorny area. With more than a hundred programming languages, what are the odds that you are intimidated about where to start? Once you are acquainted with the beginner programming languages, you are all set to go.


    It is one of the simplest, most expressive and deeply rooted languages. In a fleeting moment with fewer codes, one can communicate a broad concept. Python is highly recognized in the domain of data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, web development and face recognition.


    Does it ring a bell? Java is certainly the most renowned computer programming language. The highly-regarded skill is incredibly in demand and a great option for beginners. The mainstay language is found in most devices and operating systems; internet banking, gaming apps and virtual shopping included.


    Unlike Java, Javascript is completely different from the former language, diversifying in the scripting aspect. If you seek to adopt web development, you cannot go miles without learning Javascript. The sought-after language marks an appearance in your browser without you installing it. The core technology will aid in creating an interactive web and therefore stands tall in the basics of programming.


    When it comes to being readable and uncomplicated, Ruby and Python top the beginner programming languages. General-purpose communication is mostly used for originating mobile applications and websites. The most stated implementation encompasses Groupon and Twitter.


    Also identified as Hypertext Markup Language. There is a hundred-to-one shot you haven’t come across of the HTML term; that’s how popular it is. The formatting system is a simple programming language for displaying documents recouped in a web browser, and it is the most familiar in web designing.

    Is Computer Programming a good career option in India?

    Computer programming will provide you with considerable paths to excel in life in this automated world. The demand for this ingenious transmission of codes grows by leaps and bounds. Once your basics of computer and programming are in place, you will be overwhelmed with the opportunities that will come your way. Little did you know, you can control the interaction between humans and machines, and how! Here’s the career outlook you were looking for.

    • Web developer
    • Software engineer
    • Data analyst
    • Quality Assurance
    • Network architect
    • UI Developer
    • Automation Test Engineer
    • SQL Developer
    • Information Technology Researcher
    • User Experience designer
    • Computer and Information Research Scientist
    • Medical Software Engineer
    • Distributer in Manufacturing

    Interesting Fact: As per the 2021 report of the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, Computer Programmers earn an annual average salary of more than $90,000 (subject to education, position and location).

    Chief Skills required for Computer Programming

    • Be well-informed about the fundamentals of the programming languages and choose as per the realm.
    • Let multitasking be your forte.
    • Don’t underestimate the details.
    • Be self-reliant.
    • Believe in logical thinking.
    • ‘Patience is the mother of all virtues.’ There’s complete truth in it.
    • You must let some groundbreaking thoughts flow in.
    • Ignore the noise, and focus on your work.

    One Last Thought:

    Introducing the basics of programming at an earlier stage is always a wise decision.
    Myth: The scope of computer programming is limited to the IT industry.
    Fact: Competent computer programmers can significantly grow in several professional sectors.

    With some top-notch problem-solving abilities, you can follow the trail to entrepreneurship or bolster your creativity and skills working under someone. You need to go around with only one golden rule of not repeating yourself. While delving into the programming basic concepts, you must be mindful of minimising the code.

    At Atria University, you can explore the type of programmer you desire to be. We encourage wishful and critical thinking that can bring you closer to the journey of greatness. Fortunately, we can make you a master in computer programming. That’s what we call ‘The coming together of creative minds’.


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