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    Car designing
    Car designing

    Car Designing Courses & Scope in India


    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. What is car designing
    3. Who is a car designer
    4. Roles & Responsibilities of a car designer
    5. Skills required to be an automotive designer
    6. How to become an automobile designer in India
    7. Scope of car designing in India
    8. Automobile designer salary in India
    9. Conclusion


    Car designing is certainly a subject of interest to many. The much-desired career has immense scope and infinitesimal competition. However, a limited understanding of the automobile field brings major apprehension about indulging in car designing courses.

    The automobile industry in India has opened its door to rewarding and lucrative careers. And before we get into the ins and outs of it, get one thing straight. Besides talent and the right guidance, creativity tops the chart.

    Our blog is here to give you deep insights into the remarkable space, prospects, scope, salary, and everything more your curious mind is looking for.

    Fun Fact: Experts foresee the global automotive industry to touch whooping 9 trillion U.S dollars by 2030. 

    What is car designing?

    Also known as automobile designing, it is a paradise for someone who is a hardcore ‘gearhead’ for four-wheeled vehicles. To begin with, car design combines creativity, arts and engineering. It is all about working on the external aesthetics of a vehicle. The process creates a car design with ergonomics and aerodynamics. With this creative procedure, the physical appeal of vehicles like cars, vans, buses, trucks and motorcycles can be designed and redesigned. The car designing process involves the interior and exterior of the vehicle. A specialised course in the same can help the interested person get a sense of the technicalities, business skills and innovation while considering all safety measures.

    Blueprint of vehicles

    Who is a car designer?

    A car designer typically focuses on the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The unique field necessitates an automobile designer to create a blueprint of the components, functionality and appearance. The role of a car designer is to explicitly make drafts for the physical surface, attributing to the shape and curve. An automotive engineer is responsible for compiling sketches with the help of a computer-aided design (CAD) program. The competent use of creativity enhances the existing design and revamps the look. The person must also look into the dimensions and calculations intricately and ensure to match the sketched design with accuracy.

    Roles and responsibilities of a Car Designer

    Car designers are identified as industrial engineers who elevate a car’s design, style, aerodynamics and ergonomics with their engineering, artistic and technical skills. A team of engineers work together to fulfil the following responsibilities of a car designer.

    • The main motive of a car designer is to create a product which influences the company’s sales.
    • The qualified person must cater to all safety aspects in the process of product creation. 
    • To perform the structural development of a vehicle intricately.
    • An inch-perfect layout must be drafted with automobile systems and components.
    • To determine the factor which may affect the car design.
    • To review the design and compare it with the specifications.
    • Identifying issues before the final stage.
    • Collaborate efficiently with electrical and mechanical engineers.
    • To exercise full control over the project.
    • To produce excellent visual work.
    • Researching current body styles and safety flaws.
    • Creating a three-dimensional mockup, including body style, headlights, taillights, trim, grill and exhaust system. 
    • Construct a model for computer verification testing and make alterations to meet the standard.

    E mobility

    Skills required by an Automotive Designer

    Becoming a successful automotive designer cannot be an overnight undertaking. Persistence, a solid foundation and some solid skills is the only way to get there.

    • First thing first, one must be passionate and smitten with the process of designing cars.
    • A creative mind.
    • Must be well acquainted with 2D and 3D designs.
    • Should certainly possess business skills.
    • Must be a team leader.
    • Ability to communicate proficiently.
    • Strong analytical and mathematical skills.
    • The expert must have an innovative approach to problem-solving.
    • Ability to comprehend engineering analytics. 

    Blueprint of car

    How to become an automobile designer in India?

    Here’s a step-by-step guide on flourishing in the automobile designing space.

    1. Basic Certification

    The first step is earning a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering or design. Atria University’s BTech is designed for someone seeking to be an automobile designer or engineer. Our degree is mapped out to train anyone interested in mobility solutions. Learn model making, computer-aided drafting (CAD), and 2D and 3D sketching. Also, gain the required knowledge in critical thinking, communication, creativity, technicalities and problem-solving.

    2. Seek first-hand experience

    An internship is the best way to move ahead. First-hand experience is a great way to gain practical knowledge and work closely on a project. This will help enhance your abilities and comprehend consumer requirements. Even an unpaid internship can benefit you in many ways and provide a life-changing experience. 

    3. Impress with your portfolio

    Build your portfolio carefully. It is that one platform which will depict your skills and abilities. Incorporate all your expertise and creativity into your portfolio. Indulge yourself in freelance assignments and incorporate them into your portfolio.

    4. Improvise your designing skills

    Work on your design skills and upgrade them from time to time. Enrolling in CAD is a must and can help exceedingly in becoming an automobile designer/engineer. The software can increase the person’s productivity, enhance the design quality and create a database. Besides the CAD software, a designer must also be familiar with clay modelling, Lumiscaphe Patchwork 3D, AutoCAD Revit LT Suite, 3Ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, SolidWorks and many more. Understand as many programs as possible and master them.

    5. Interact with more prospects

    No one will tell you this, but joining a professional group and meeting new people is an intelligent move. Meet more aspiring or flourished car designers and gauge some interesting ideas. This will also expand your network and help you meet potential clients.

    Scope of Car Designing in India

    The automobile industry in India is surging by leaps and bounds and has tremendous potential. As on date, India stands 4th in the automobile space with a growing demand for trendy and new vehicles. With this achievement, India sees a bright future in the automobile sector and has created ample opportunities for people seeking a career. Global companies like TVS, Ashok Leyland and Eicher have their R&D in India, creating more opportunities in our country. 

    In the near future, there seems to be a bit of a gulf in the demand and supply of automobile designers. Large-scaled companies like Maruti, Tata Technologies, BMW, M&M, Honda and more are always looking for skilful car designers.

    India saw a growth of 27% in 2021 and is set to see a boom of 10% in 2022 based on an underlying demand for personal vehicles. 

    Some Top Recruiting Companies:

    • Volkswagen
    • Nissan
    • Suzuki
    • BMW
    • Renault
    • Hyundai
    • Ford
    • Fiat

    Companies hiring automobile engineers:

    • Mahindra
    • Shell
    • TCS
    • Infosys
    • FedEx
    • Sony
    • Reliance
    • Infosys

    Automobile Designer Salary in India

    The scope for automobile engineers in India is now explored, leaving enthusiasts with ample opportunities. The difference in the salary of an automotive designer at an entry-level and senior-level vary depending on the potential and skills. 

    The salary of a car designer/automobile engineer at entry-level starts from 3 lakhs. The salary begins at 10 lakhs at mid-level, and a senior level starts at 20 lakhs. Hence concluded, the automobile field is not just interesting but also rumenarating. 

    One Last Thought:

    Until a few years back, the automotive industry was finding its foothold in India. However, the influx of electric vehicles has ingrained a game-changing plan. With the center focus on quality, design, comfort and high-end technology, there has been an increasing demand for car designers. Today, the auto sector in India is thriving and how. A promising future indeed; experts predict a 12% growth in 2023. 

    If you are researching automobile designing courses, get ready to set your foot in the mobility program at Atria University. While pursuing our major, grasp some technical knowledge, learn the basics of vehicle design and comprehend the wide-ranging subject extensively. Our futuristic major will provide you with learning benchmarked to International standards in emerging technologies and automotive engineering. 


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