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    Dr. Sayantan Acharya
    Dr. Sayantan Acharya

    Dr. Sayantan Acharya

    Grown up in Tagore’s own place Santiniketan Dr. Sayantan Acharya believes in the pedagogy of interdisciplinary nature of knowledge combining both science and art.

    After completing his masters in Chemistry, Dr. Acharya has completed his Ph.D. in theoretical and computational Physics in the domain of classical Newtonian dynamics. He has studied the dynamics of tiny tracers in the crowded environments. The study can be applied on varieties of systems like colloid beads in lipid tubes, nanospheres in entangled actin, biopolymer filaments or zeolites.

    Dr. Acharya is currently collaborating with BCAM institute of Applied Mathematics in Spain and investigating on the non Gaussianity of the Fickian particles. His works are published in international peer reviewed publishing houses like AIP and ACS publications.

    Dr. Acharya has a strong inclination to arts, especially towards Photography and Filmmaking. He was the cardholder of NCL Photography club, Film Club and creative writing club in CSIR NCL. He is one of the members of Bengal’s first audiozine ‘Ropan’.

    Dr. Acharya is an independent film maker and has created or collaborated in more than 15 short films, documentaries or features. He is the co-director of Ridley Scott and Anurag Kashyap Produced “India in a Day (2016)” and “Life in a Day (2020)”. Dr. Acharya has represented India in international water summit Budapest on 2019-20 and he was an invited speaker in International TV and journalism festival to save and preserve Russia for his documentary “Geography of Drought (2018)”. He was associated and collaborated with Bluebird Moving Stories, Pune for a long time. For his international success and extensive work on Maharashtrian drought for the documentary he became a TEDx influencer in 2019.

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    August 17, 2020

    Saurabh Mahajan

    Rashmi Jejurikar

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