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    Sai Krishna Mulpuru

    Sai is a multi-disciplinary designer and academic researcher. He is the program director of interactive technologies and design. With a background in electronics and imaging sciences, he tries to bring in the essence of technology in arts and science. His research interests are in understanding perception of design using neuroscience tools and techniques. He teaches subjects in interactive technologies, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, human computer interactions, new media tech, IOT.

    Sai was one of the first in India to venture into virtual reality VR based documentary film making. Five years ago, Sai founded the AR VR Lab at his previous organization Srishti Manipal Institute, and through this lab, he facilitated many thesis projects of design and arts students in the context of interactive arts and product design. In the past, Sai worked on many professional and consultancy projects in domains like AR and VR single unit electrophysiology, eye tracking, neuro-radiology, serious gaming, interactive arts, hydroponics, experience design for retail, metaverse design and development. He likes to design small scale wind turbines and cook experimental fusion cuisines in his spare time.

    Atria Admissions Team

    August 8, 2020

    Arkajit Aich

    Ujan Mitra

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