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    Digital transformation
    Digital transformation

    What is Digital Transformation?


    Table of Contents:

    1. What is Digital Transformation?
    2. Why is Digital Transformation Important?
    3. Effects on Society with Digital Transformation
    4. Digital Framework
    5. Courses for digital transformation


    “Digital transformation is better understood as a continuous adaptation to a continually changing environment.”

    Digital transformation is a big topic these days, but what precisely is it, what does it imply for businesses, and what benefits does it provide? Why do we need digital transformation? In addition, how is digital transformation important as a career? This article will talk about everything that concerns the importance of digital transformation.

    What is Digital Transformation?

    Since digital transformation is different for every individual and organization, it isn’t easy to provide a generic description. However, we define digital transformation in broad terms as the integration of digital technology or technology transformation into all aspects of society, resulting in profound changes in how individuals function and create value out of it.

    Digital transformation strategies adaptation uses digital technologies to reshape existing traditional and non-digital business processes and services and create new ones to meet evolving market trends and strategies.

    Three main areas of digital transformation for businesses highlighted are:


      • Consumer Experience –

        Improving customer understanding, leveraging technology to drive customer growth, and expanding customer touchpoints.


      • Internal/ Operational Processes –

        Digitalization and automation improve internal processes, equipping staff with digital tools, and gathering data to track performance and make more strategic business decisions.


    • Business Models –

      Changing businesses by supplementing physical offerings with digital tools and services, introducing digital products, and leveraging technology to deliver shared services.

    Digital technology transformation

    However, how is it going to affect one’s career aspirations? This is when it is crucial to understand that with time and modern technology transformation, every career option and daily life product is influenced or touched by digital transformation. Now, if you think, why digital transformation? Consider that for instance, you have permanent remote work, online classes for every field from any part of the world, and OTT platforms for entertainment. Everything is available within one click. And, to build your career in the digital transformation industry you need to inculcate the relevant technical and soft skills required to build your fantastic journey.

    Why is Digital Transformation Important?

    Digital transformation process entails experimenting with new technology and rethinking your current approach to common problems to evolve overall. It entails firms, individuals, and society looking to improve their experiences. Through improved on-demand training, data migration to cloud services, artificial intelligence, and other methods, firms can accomplish this.

    The inclusion of the digital transformation affects many areas from education to the organization’s sales and employability issues. Digital transformation will benefit in many aspects; a few aspects are given as follows:

    Digital Transformation

    Increases productivity while lowering labour costs –

    One of the most effective methods to transform an organization is to use technology to operate more efficiently. They can reduce costs while increasing output with the correct tools. For example, time and money spent on training new employees and updating digital resources may quickly rise for firms.

    Improves customer experience —

    Tech-savvy customers want a positive experience across various channels, including mobile apps, social media, email, and live chat. Rightly used digital transformation strategies drive better consumer experiences.

    Keeps you ahead of the competition by driving innovation –

    Whether or not you are considering digital transformation, everyone who wants to survive and grow is! If you fail to accept digital transformation progress in your education, skill development, and career aspirations, you will be left behind. Investing time in understanding what is digital transformation and its future relevancy will open additional possibilities in the future.

    Digital Technology

    Effects on Society with Digital Transformation

    Now, a company undertakes digital transformation for several reasons. The ability of a firm to react to supply chain interruptions, market challenges, and rapidly changing customer expectations has become necessary in the aftermath of the pandemic.

    With so much of the workforce now working remotely, employees’ perceptions of digital technology have shifted from “good to have” to “the only way to get work done.” As a result, it is getting the problem-solving attention it has deserved for a long time. Hence, as a student or working professional one goal has to be getting under the process of digital transformation or its programs.

    Other digital transformation activities that COVID-19 brought to the front of agendas include:

    • Using tools such as chatbots to extend the reach of customer service
    • For reasons of resilience, automation tools are used.
    • Radical de-cluttering of incompatible systems.

    You have been a part of the most unprecedented transformation- the Pandemic. You are aware of the requirements that are needed to survive, and it would be unwise to refuse to get acquitted with the technology requirement. Whether a working professional or a student, growing with technology transformation is the prime example of updating with the trend and an essential need.

    Digital Framework

    Anyone will be a part of an organization or get its product. So, it is vital to know the digital transformation programs and processes and get ready for it. For instance, every organization’s problems and demands vary; there are always a few constants and common aspects among current case studies and published frameworks that all business and technology leaders should consider as they begin the digital transformation.

    These frequently mentioned factors are:

    • Customer satisfaction
    • Agility in operations
    • Leadership and culture
    • Enablement of the workforce
    • Integration of digital technology

    Cognizant and MIT Sloan are the best examples of the digital transformation industry.

    Digital transformation

    Courses for digital transformation

    Atria University’s course on Digital Transformation is a unique blend of computer science and communication technologies. It is influenced by Design Thinking and User Research Frameworks.

    Atria University offers specialization in three areas which put in the right perspective considering the importance of digital transformation.

    • Computer Science & Software Programming

    The course teaches the principles of programming. The course covers the fundamentals of A/B testing, Machine Learning, and Agile Methodologies. You will also learn to code Machine Learning algorithms from the ground up, guaranteeing that you are prepared for the coming Singularity.

    • Digital Technologies

    You will learn how to use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud Technologies to design and implement automated processes. The goal of the curriculum is to inspire users to observe their behavior and design systems that combine the power of collaboration to create user-friendly platforms.

    • Hardware Design and Implementation

    You will learn to architect and develop software for IoT-ready products and services by combining your finest hardware and software development talents.

    The takeaway from the course and project-based learning:

    • Address the economics behind innovation, technology, and market disruptions.
    • Get acquainted and equipped with the necessary information required for strong career building.
    • Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of modern digital technologies driving advancement by the end of this course.

    Several types of transformations develop and lose popularity as technology improves. Keeping up with the latest trends is a great approach to discovering digital transformations and preparing for digital transformation industry developments.

    The most popular digital transformation trends focus on improving the customer and employee experience. Although many people, especially employees, are anxious that technology will replace humans, major digital transformations will incorporate technologies that will complement human activity. Hence, aspiring professionals should be trying to get hold of the skills and knowledge required to excel in the coming transformation.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), 5G, mobile development, and personalized user experiences are all examples of digital transformation trends aimed at assisting humans in improving communication and reducing repetitive tasks. Hence, digital transformation programs need to be in focus so the aspirants are aware of future employability and its scope.

    We now know that to maintain the momentum of any project toward the ultimate corporate goals is to successfully transform – Digitally. To build a career, one needs to follow the critical digital transformation drivers in mind: digital twin, privacy, culture, augmented intelligence, and digital product management. This means understanding the digital transformation process and its fundamental advancements. All of these could be framed with Atria university’s course on digital transformation.


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    July 21, 2022

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