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    Financial Aid – Getting the Education You Deserve

    A college education is one of the most important investments that students will ever make. An investment in themselves and their future. It is also one of the most rewarding yet challenging decisions of their lives. Therefore, a little support from educational institutes can ensure that the journey to higher education is less overwhelming and more fulfilling. The support in question often comes in the form of financial aid, which many universities offer their students.

    However, financial aid is often limited to those who have high scores to flaunt. This can be a short-sighted approach.  Leading institutes often overlook many deserving students who have the talent and the grit, but do not have the resources for quality education. Or those who haven’t found the education that helps them find the best version of themselves.


    “Help will always be given to those who ask for it.”

    The current education system is as far away from this statement as students are from receiving their admission letters from Hogwarts.

    With cut-offs at colleges soaring up to 98.75%, students have little scope to think beyond the near-impossible marks that they have to score to qualify for financial aid.

    In a world that needs solutions to problems that are larger than the entire human race, it is time to consider an overhaul.  Universities need to focus on a student’s ability to apply the knowledge they have learned thus far. After all, what use do we make of all the learning if it is directed only towards getting higher scores?

    A generous bursary attributed to the right cause can motivate students to pursue their passions. And build a career that is truly enriching for themselves and society at large.


    Atria University offers a healthy financial aid program to ensure that students from diverse backgrounds and with varied interests can access the education that they deserve.

    Scholarships and financial aid are granted under two important categories:

    • Need-based for students with an economic background that requires assistance
    •  Excellence-based for students with outstanding talents and/or achievements.

    The University has allocated up to 20 crores exclusively for its founding batch. However, the program is a needs-blind one. This means that information regarding the financial background of applicants is only applied after the student receives an offer of admission.

    The admission process explores all the facets of a student’s personality including their determination to become the change that they wish to see. With a financial aid program committed to celebrating diversity, Atria University ensures nothing stands in the way of accessing world-class education.

    Atria Admissions Team

    January 8, 2020

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