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    Artificial Intelligence - Atria University
    Artificial Intelligence - Atria University

    Why BSc artificial intelligence courses and machine learning are in-demand


    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. Artificial intelligence: A snippet
    3. Machine learning: A snippet
    4. Future scope of Bsc artificial intelligence and machine learning in India
    5. Artificial intelligence and machine learning salary in India
    6. Conclusion


    The world is driven by machines and technology; they hold the future truly. To a great extent, artificial intelligence and machine learning have seeped into every aspect of our life. These avant-garde concepts shape the wave of innovation in the world of the workforce. AI and ML are core fields that change the way businesses grow.

    Studying BSc artificial intelligence and machine learning creates a fundamental base in every walk of life. These advanced algorithms have re-defined our way of living and work dynamics in almost every field.

    BSc in artificial intelligence and machine learning is progressive, and breakthrough technologies have a rising demand and have an inevitable use today.

    Some insightful facts about artificial intelligence and machine learning:

    • As per PWC reports , AI-powered activities are predicted to raise global GDP by 14% by 2030.
    • Artificial intelligence is forecasted to create about 97 million new jobs by 2025.
    • The global machine-learning market is expected to expand at a 38% growth rate between 2020-2030.
    • An AI-driven algorithm is capable of diagnosing as precisely as world-renowned medical experts.
    • Machine learning can enhance customer service by more than 10%.
    • The AI market is expected to reach the 500 billion mark in 2023.
    • By 2025, almost every company will execute some form of AI.
    • The CAGR of machine learning globally is about 42%.

    Machine learning - Atria University

    Artificial Intelligence: A snippet

    The term was coined in 1956 but has become more popular today for multiple reasons, such as modern algorithms, increased data volumes and advancements in computing. In a nutshell, artificial intelligence mimics human intelligence by building advanced algorithms. AI makes computers think and act like humans. The system is designed with smart machines to perform complex human intelligence oriented tasks.

    BSc in artificial intelligence will help a student get acquainted with the basic principles of AI, such as analytical, programming and mathematical skills. Also, learning the tools and techniques of artificial intelligence will help you to be at the forefront in the future.

    A degree in artificial intelligence also helps in daily life implementations like spam email filtering, facial recognition unlocking in smartphones, autocorrect features, AI assistants, autocomplete text suggestions and more.

    Career outcomes of Bsc in artificial intelligence:

    • Data specialist
    • Software engineer
    • AI researcher
    • Data scientist
    • A natural language processing specialist
    • Data analyst
    • Research scientist

    BSc in artificial intelligence is one of those courses that will not lose its relevance in the coming years. It has become impossible to process big data and make complex decisions manually. Artificial intelligence makes it possible with the help of advanced codes, algorithms and computational systems.

    In few words, AI attempts to get computers to think and act like humans. John McCarthy invented the term artificial intelligence in 1950 to enhance the ability of a computer program to think and learn. AI reduced the possibility of human error even while taking more risks and making quick decisions.

    It would be right to conclude that artificial intelligence is omnipresent today. Not a single industry is left untouched by the positivity of AI. Everything from our home devices to professional spaces runs on AI and has become available at one’s fingertips.

    BSc artificial intelligence subjects cover face detection, sentiment analysis, applied statistics, natural language processing, motion analysis, reinforcement learning, etc. The course will prepare students to become acquainted with the basic principles of AI and apply to expert systems, intelligent agents and other models.

    The end goal of artificial intelligence is to establish computer programs that can solve problems with more accuracy and better speed than humans would. There is a wide-ranging scope in developing machines in expert systems, speech recognition, robotics, computer vision, language detection and more. On the basis of factors like robotics, automation and sophisticated use of computer software, one can excel in the AI domain.

    Machine Learning: A snippet

    Machine learning is a subsection of artificial intelligence that comprehend human needs and allows the highest accuracy with zero human intervention. Also, machine learning algorithms leverage historic data to predict new output values. With the help of previous stats, ML models convert data into a structured skeleton. The dependency on machine learning is surging by the day, resulting in an approximate CAGR of 37.16% by 2027.

    So yes, machine learning is the backbone of every business and is widely embraced. It gives organisations direction of customer behaviour, response to new products and operational business patterns at a large level.

    Future scope of Bsc artificial intelligence and machine learning in India:

    In recent years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have dominated every zone in a positive way. Let’s look at how these progressive concepts have touched our lives and made the proceedings more evolved.

    1. Health

    The advent of new-fangled healthcare applications has refashioned conventional methods and incorporated better health treatments. With the concepts of AI and ML, experts can now suggest accurate medications for blood pressure, cancer, heartbeat and more petrifying health concerns.

    2. Manufacturing

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve speculated accuracy by almost 20% in the manufacturing space. This helps in reducing inventory costs big-time, thereby increasing revenues significantly. Also, with the unique techniques of AI and ML in the manufacturing industry, one can efficiently analyse data and make precise future predictions.

    3. Transport

    AI and ML technologies have transformed the transportation industry immensely. Some of the examples include self-driving vehicles, traffic management, delay predictions and drone taxis. The applications of AI and ML in transportation have helped reduce traffic, carbon emissions, accidents, financial expenses and increase passenger safety. Needless to say, all will be good in the hood.

    4. Chatbots

    Chatbots are indeed a revolutionary invention of AI and have helped businesses meet their far-flung goal of customer satisfaction. Chatbots can help resolve customer queries and get other work done faster without any human intervention.

    5. Home Entertainment

    The influx of AI and ML has surrounded our lives and homes in every little and major way. For example our home-used devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Bixby . Artificial intelligence and machine learning encompass the ability to connect to multiple IoT devices.

    AI-powered machines can also provide top-notch security by identifying the faces of family members and friends.

    6. Cybersecurity

    Artificial intelligence is of big help to organisations in cyber security, especially in the case of keeping data safe and secure. Cognitive AI works on keeping data safe by analysing threats and assuring better-informed decisions. This makes it possible for people to recognise future threats.

    7. Agriculture

    Quite evidently, the Indian population depends significantly on agriculture for their livelihood. Artificial intelligence plays a big role in forecasting behaviour and studying parasite breeding in crops. This helps farmers in a big way to prepare for insect control in advance. The invention of the thermal imaging camera has helped farmers keep a track of the quantity of the water being used. In a big way, AI has helped the agriculture industry grow.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning can largely reshape every facet of human life. It has made life easy and helped create a positive impact on society. Pursuing a major in this field is an assured way of heading towards a promising career.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning salary in India:

    Fact: Humans generate almost 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Experts suggest that AI/ML investments in India are projected to grow at a CAGR of 33.59% till 2023. It is encouraging to note that big data and AI/ML are expected to be the most in-demand skills in India.

    The fast-paced field defines the candidate’s salary depending upon the experience, location and more areas of concerns. On average, the salary of an artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer should be around Rs 7 lakhs per annum.

    As the field is flourishing, pursuing BSc in the domain is not just going to get you closer to a lucrative salary but also bright future prospects and exposure to new-age learning skills.

    One Last Thought:

    Atria University’s BSc in Digital Transformation is designed for prospects who wish to specialise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We believe in providing futuristic majors with a range of signature projects benchmarked to international standards. The current AI/ML job outlook is super promising. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment growth of 11% from 2019-2029. This leaves the industry with an increasing list of jobs and multiple options, such as – Data Scientist, Machine learning engineer, Data Analyst, Research Scientist and more.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are emerging, thriving fields; therefore, big bulls like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Adobe, Intel, Microsoft, Warner and Bloomberg are always looking to hire for AI/ML roles. So earn yourself a degree benchmarked to international standards and direct yourself on the path of being a global leader.

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    January 20, 2023

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