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    B.Tech in computer science
    B.Tech in computer science

    Here’s why Computer Science is an in-demand degree


    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. B.Tech computer science: A rundown
    3. Subjects in B.Tech computer science
    4. Eight compelling reasons for studying B.Tech in computer science
    5. Career options after B.Tech in computer science?
    6. How to make a career in B.Tech computer science?
    7. How will a B.Tech in computer science help the world?
    8. Conclusion


    In today’s digital realm, the study of advanced computer science has become essential for almost every profession. A bachelor of technology in computer science is not just an exciting domain but also promises bright career prospects.

    A life powered by computers has most certainly brought a revolution and impacted our way of life in all respects. Delving into the intricacies, computer science study can help humans predict tornadoes, hurricanes and an outbreak of a potential fatal disease. Though it may seem strange, computer science tools can be exercised to predict human behaviour and prevent crime. Looking at the larger picture, a degree in computer science has benefited our society by shaping our future beautifully. For instance, computer science has enabled sophisticated tools to tackle environmental problems like pollution, contamination and waste management.

    What better than living on a cleaner and greener planet? Needless to say, the impact of computer science is not just on an individual level but also brings a positive social change to society. If the subject entices you and you are longing to make a significant change, here’s what is in store for you.

    B.Tech Computer Science: A Rundown

    B.Tech in computer science is in-depth learning of computers and advanced software and is a crucial part of today’s digital arena. It is one of the most sought-after specialisations within the engineering domain, comprising practical and theory. The comprehensive course is concerned with computation, programming languages, computer hardware, program design, upkeep, construction, machine learning, natural language programs and all operations. The program primarily emphasises the basics of computer programming while covering more related subjects around networking and programming.

    Today, computers have become a necessity in everyday life, so their importance is inevitable. This has led to increasing need and demand for the course. With due credit to the digitally-connected world we live in, our dependency on the course will only grow from here on. Therefore, opting for a career in B.Tech computer science would be a smart move.

    Here’s an overview of the curriculum, future and scope of B.Tech in computer science.

    Subjects in B.Tech computer science

    The best colleges in India for B.Tech in computer science offer a variety of subjects. Some of the included subjects are:

    • Advanced programming
    • Discrete mathematics
    • Computer graphics
    • Database management system
    • Quantum computing
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Web technology
    • Risk management
    • Digital system
    • Algorithm Labs
    • Research Methodology
    • Machine Learning
    • Compiler design
    • Cloud computing

    Eight compelling reasons for studying B.Tech in computer science0:

    1. Opportunities in every field

    Computer science prevails in almost every field, be it health, finance, education, transport, science or trading. The extensive subject matter takes the responsibility of streamlining the work of every field. In order to do so, a few special softwares are curated.

    2. Door to a Global Platform

    It needs no reflection that computer science has gone global with encouraging opportunities overseas. This helps provide people with a thriving platform globally to showcase their skills and learnings.

    3. Lucrative field

    The advancement of big data, machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence has led to a continual demand for computer engineers. The average salary of a computer engineer is about 5,08,600 per year. Also, a senior with a good experience is sure to have a handsome take-home package. So, get ready to earn big bucks!

    4. Recession-proof

    The indispensable nature of digitalization has not just rendered more opportunities but also provided a higher sense of security from recession and layoffs compared to other job profiles.

    5. Study and earn together

    Computer engineers score an edge over the others as they can earn a significant amount while studying. Along with earning, aspirants can also gain some amazing experiences which will work in favour of making a significant mark in the industry.

    6. Bright career prospects

    Computer science is an ever-growing industry with some bright career prospects. Students studying this discipline can rest assured of a promising future, regardless of the industry. The subject has a role in every domain – system analyst, finance programmer, software engineer, game developer, product manager, game developer and more.

    7. A creative foundation

    It’s no news how technology is evolving every year. With fields like cybersecurity, cloud computing, big data and more, there is a constant need for creativity and remodelling. So yes, computer science is one of the rare fields that does not become mundane.

    8. A collaborative affair

    Quite contrary to the depiction of a lone wolf working on the computer alone, the work of a computer engineer requires a good deal of human interaction. And therefore, it is one of the most brain-stimulating jobs allowing personal growth with creative and collaborative affairs.

    B.Tech in computer science

    Career options after B.Tech in computer science?

    The scope of the subject is immense. B.Tech in computer science offers tremendous opportunities in career-enriching profiles. New-fashioned computer skills have brought a paradigm shift in the journey of digitalization. Almost every business has resorted to computer science in some or the other form, which has opened up avenues for a wide spectrum of job profiles. From Amazon to Tesla to Apple, everyone’s looking for computer-competents.

    Here are some career options after B.Tech in computer science:

    • Machine learning engineer
    • Data scientist
    • Cloud engineer
    • Multimedia programmer
    • Network security engineer
    • Software Developer
    • Database administrator
    • Computer system analyst
    • Java Developer
    • System Analyst
    • Computer Network Architect
    • Full stack developer
    • Information systems manager

    Pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science is one of the top career options for young aspirants. The field can feel overwhelming and create some confusion on how to forge ahead.

    How to make a career in B.Tech computer science?

    Technology is expanding, and the computer science field is getting even more inviting. Here’s how you must set your foot on the exciting path.

    • Choose your degree wisely
    • Decide on specialisation and nurture the right technical and soft skills
    • Work on signature projects to gain some real-world experience
    • Get a strong foundation and boost your credentials
    • Find an entry-level job
    • Learn from the industry’s insides
    • Experience round-the-clock growth

    How will B.Tech in Computer Science help the world?

    • Healthcare tops the chart in the list of the fields focused on enhancing people’s lives. Technological developments like electronic medical records are a result of computer science. Also, the field allows ingenious minds to come together and provide the best healthcare solutions.
    • Computer science has created e-learning opportunities which has enabled the onset of online degrees. In the last decade, the domain has advanced education in more ways than we can count.
    • With the help of machine learning, the world has overcome all the key challenges that we faced during the pandemic.
    • Artificial intelligence has helped experts understand climate change, natural disasters and environmental damage.
    • Computer science has made the world come closer and available at our fingertips.
    • The subject has paved the way for an equitable world.
    • Computer science has positively impacted every area of society.
    • The subject has empowered people in a big way and helped solve problems at a larger level.

    One Last Thought:

    The reach of computer science is extensive, and our future is evidently going to run on the dependence of technology. We cannot emphasize enough the ever-escalating opportunities for B.Tech computer science professionals globally. To do so, our Digital Transformation major is designed to provide all the necessary skills required to excel in this lucrative field.

    Embracing a fulfilling career in the subject will most likely broaden your horizons, enhance your life skills and help you earn a job with reinforced salaries.

    So, get ready for the future with Atria University’s major.

    Atria Admissions Team

    January 20, 2023

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