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    Solar Truck
    Solar Truck

    Solar Photovoltaic System


    Table of Contents:

    1. Solar Photovoltaic System
    2. How it works
    3. Advantages of Solar Photovoltaic Systems
    4. Applications of Solar PV Systems
    5. Conclusion


    It’s going to be a long while until commercial rockets are available & we can all skip over to Mars. Until then, Earth is all we have. Energy is one of the major areas of concern that needs to be discussed, studied, and researched deeply. The daily depletion of non-renewable energy resources is causing a severe imbalance in nature. And this beckons the need for renewable energy resources which are harmless to the environment.

    One of the most significant advantages of renewable energy is that much of it is also considered green and clean. That’s why renewable energy is important and has grown in popularity, with wind and solar power becoming prominent.

    Solar Panels

    Solar Photovoltaic System

    It’s no news that the Sun’s energy creates heat and light. But it can also be converted into electricity. This technology is called the Solar Photovoltaic System. We’ve seen solar panels for years but recent advancements have significantly improved their efficiency and electrical output. The energy from the Sun hits the earth in great abundance every hour to power the planet for an entire year. Now, the mission is to effectively utilize this free resource to our & the Earth’s advantage.

    Solar photovoltaic systems are used for various purposes, from powering residential houses to large solar farms. Solar PV systems were initially designed to be used in remote places since it is not always cost-effective, convenient, or even possible to extend power lines to locations where electricity is needed. Thanks to the advancements made in technology, the possibilities of solar PV systems are limitless today.

    How it works

    There are two types of solar panels – solar thermal which is only used to heat water and solar photovoltaic which is used to generate electricity and heat water.

    We’re focusing on the Solar PV systems in this article. Solar PV panels are made up of individual solar cells connected together within the solar panel, usually made from crystalline silicon. These solar PV panels are connected together in a series to form solar arrays.

    Sunlight is made up of tiny packets of energy called photons. When these photons strike the solar cells, electrons are knocked loose from the atoms, resulting in a flow of electric current. The electricity created is multiplied by the number of cells in each panel and the number of panels in each solar array.

    The electricity that is generated passes through an inverter which converts it into a usable form.
    From the inverter, the electricity flows to your fuse board and is consumed by the appliances in your home. When your home demands more power than your solar PV is producing, the balance is imported from the grid. When your solar PV generates more power than your appliances are using, the excess can be diverted & stored in a battery for later use.

    How Solar panels work

    Advantages of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

    • It produces clean energy
    • It is emission-free
    • It has no moving parts, no elaborate set-up needed
    • It makes no noise
    • Needs no water or fossil fuels to generate power
    • It can be located right where the power is needed, on rooftops, or it can be tied into the power grid
    • Your own PV system can save you money on electricity bills
    • They’re reliable and very low maintenance

    Solar PV is growing fast, and it can play a big role in India’s clean energy economy.

    Energy Science

    Applications of Solar PV Systems

    In addition to Solar PV systems being installed on rooftops of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, there are several other applications of this ingenious technology.


    Solar water and air heaters have been prevalent long before PV cells came into the picture. Solar water heaters alone help in reducing the consumption of energy to a great extent. These panels trap the heat energy from the sun and store hot water in containers.

    Stand-Alone Power

    In urban or remote areas, PV can power stand-alone devices, tools, and meters. PV can meet the need for electricity for street lights, traffic lights, emergency phones, radio transmitters, water irrigation pumps, stream-flow gauges, remote guard posts, lighting for roadways, and more.

    PV system in Space

    Solar PV has been a primary power source for man-made satellites orbiting the Earth. High-efficiency PV has supplied power for the International Space Station and surface rovers on the Moon and Mars, and it will continue to be an integral part of space and planetary exploration.



    Solar PV can provide additional power for vehicles such as cars and boats. Automobile sunroofs can include solar PV for onboard power needs or backup batteries. Lightweight solar PV can also conform to the shape of airplane wings to help power high-altitude aircraft.

    Solar Truck


    Incorporating a Solar Photovoltaic System provides a plethora of benefits. It not only saves fuel but also contributes to a safer environment and protects our ecology. It is cost-effective and efficient in its functions. As one of the best choices for renewable energy systems, it significantly contributes to reducing emissions and greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

    Furthermore, it has a great scope in the future. The larger aim is to replace the non-renewables with renewables in every energy sector.

    The Energy Sciences major at Atria University will train and prepare you to contribute to the energy transition toward renewable energy technologies currently underway in India and worldwide. One of the signature projects will be to design, install and commission a Solar Photovoltaic system for an under-resourced school.

    The training and skills provided will cover all critical areas in the energy industries of the future and enable you to become a leader in this emerging field.


    Atria Admissions Team

    July 21, 2022

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